6FT Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree - £27.99 @ Argos

6FT Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree - £27.99 @ Argos

Found 1st Dec 2013
Our old tree has had it's day and Argos have just dropped the price of this from £47.66 to £27.99.

Now it's ok for the price but really need to dress it up to make it special! The LED fibre optic lights are very nice and glide between the colours.

Argos quotes:
Untangling Christmas tree lights can be a thing of the past with this elegant pre-lit 6 foot Christmas tree. With numerous fibre optic lights, the only problem you will encounter this year is deciding what other Christmas tree decorations to add.

6ft Christmas tree.
Bottom branch diameter 38 inches.
1.8m lead length.
Suitable for indoor use.
Plastic stand.
Fire retardant.
EAN: 2698726.
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Looked cheap & nasty. Could barely see the lights. The fibre optics didn't seem to be fixed on properly. It wasn't even 6ft tall.
cheap and nasty is what I bought from 24studio! my god I wish I could sent it back but at a cost to me I kept it, lessons learnt. Things are not always a deal & are cheap coz they are rubbish although this tree from argos looks alot better than the rubbish I bought!
The reviews are very mixed to poor.
The price point is about right for the quality of the tree. The lights are not bright but enhances the tree rather than Las Vegas in your living room!
You do need to balance out the branches to stop leaning but we are 95% finished decorating it and for the price and how quickly I could replace our old one, we are pleased.
We just tried to put ours up and the tree was lobb sided and the brances fell out. Shall be getting a refund back on mine

waste of cash!

freezing cold vote!!!
I thought it was a good deal but my mate thinks its so 90s
Got the 24Studio one. Love it.
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