6kg Penne Pasta for **£3.00** @ Asda

6kg Penne Pasta for **£3.00** @ Asda

Found 23rd Mar 2010Made hot 23rd Mar 2010
Asda have 3kg bags of penne pasta on a rollback from £3.22 to £3.00 and then buy 2 bags for £3.00. Yes! £3.00

Great if you love pasta like I do!!!!


Cheap but dont like the shape.

And do you cook this in ur bath tub or something??


And do you cook this in ur bath tub or something??

Lol, saw this in Leeds today but would last me for about 3 years. Could feed a small school on 6 kilos.

Extremely good deal - I go through pasta quite quickly when it's summer time (and I bother to get out and do some sports)

excellent deal....defo goning to look in and grab.....would last bout 5mins in my house...Pasta monsters!!! x

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Just as well :w00t:

For those that can get to a Home Bargains (my nearest is about 30 miles away, so I have to make a point of stocking up when I go) I think that they regularly have ]Arrighipennette rigate (no. 30), spaghettini (no. 4) and fusillini (no. 37) for about 50p a kilo. And it's decent quality pasta in my opinion. Maybe not as good as De Cecco but nonetheless good value.

Great price.

Online too, as I have some on order to be delivered tomorrow
My boys ADORE pasta, so I doubt it'll take too long to get through it all!

Excellent deal when you compare with prices of 75p per 500g or £1.50 per kilo for the smaller bags in Tesco etc.

I'm thinking this is 50p per kilo then, so good deal! about 1/3 of the price of separate packs!

Brilliant price - thanks. We go through loads of pasta and this won't last long in my house with 6 to feed!

Apparently this offer extends to fusilli as well - according to the missus who is in Asda Abertawe :thumbsup:

Thanks picked up some today no mention of offer instore just marked as £3 rollback but grabbed two and went through till fine! :-D
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