6pk Kodak SupraLife AA Batteries (Alkaline) BOGOF (12 for £1)

6pk Kodak SupraLife AA Batteries (Alkaline) BOGOF (12 for £1)

Found 26th Mar 2008
My local Poundland has 6 Kodak SuperLife AA Batteries for £1, Buy One Get One Free... so 12 for £1. Billy bargain I use these for my bike lights, wireless keyboard and mouse etc and they last ages


is there a store locator anywhere?

I'm there! Voted hot.

These wern't BOGOF when I went in today. They were just 1 6 pack for £1.

pks of 4 BOGOF in Inverness...good for digital camera!

BOGOF for 4 packs in Worksop - still a good deal tho

They're c r a p batteries - bought some for Kodak camera and as soon as you put them in the camera flashes red for low battery. Use others and there's no problem. Very disappointed with them to be honest!
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