6v electric police bike or girls pink option - £34.99 + £4.99 postage @ 24 Studio

6v electric police bike or girls pink option - £34.99 + £4.99 postage @ 24 Studio

Found 8th Oct 2014
+£4.99 postage
Reduced from £79.99
6v electric bike.
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Nice find. My lad had one of these in the police markings when he was about 4. Loved it. The battery charged surprisingly quickly, and lasted a decent length of time. Came with a blue felt police jacket which he thought was great, and he was fascinated with the blue flashing light.

Since that bike, he has maintained he wants to be a police office when he is older. And even after he got too big for the bike and it was sold on (for not much less than the price in this offer), he kept the police jacket and wore that thing until there was no way for him to get into it.

Anyhow, all that story, for the bit about the price - amazing price for these things. I'm sure everyone would agree that £80 for a plastic ride on toy has always looked a bit steep to parents, but half that price and it is a steel! No use to us these days, but I'm going to send the details over to my younger brother who has a little one that will be ready for something like this in the not too distant future.

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Thankyou for your kind comments. I've ordered two of these one for my son and one for my nephew. I can't wait to see there faces on Xmas morning. I've got three older children and I paid a lot more for there ride ins when they were young so was pleased with this price. Also with the sounds and lights that's on the bike added extra compared to some much higher priced ones with no extras
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Not so good for outside but runs well on carpet lol and on decking!! I got my daughter one in September for her 3rd birthday bit slow IMO only one rear wheel drive and no rubber traction grip on wheels just plastic!
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