6x 1.25 litre coke/diet coke £2.49 at Heron Foods.

6x 1.25 litre coke/diet coke £2.49 at Heron Foods.

Found 1st Feb 2017
6 packs of 1.25 litre coke and diet coke at Heron Foods for just 2.49. 7.5 litres of fizzy, teeth rotting goodness!
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Less than 42p a bottle has to be a bargain even if you don't like coke. Heat from me.
Good price and definitely non flattening in these sizes.

Gratefully only available to those "OOp North". More deals ASAP so we can speed up the deaths of these massive (Northern) fatties!!

Please buy a Geordie Shore member a pack if you even see one out. She'll get the value even if she doesn't drink it!!
Great for cleaning toilets and jewellery but not cleaning jewellery in toilets
Available in Daventry store.
Have genuinely tried using it as toilet cleaner, it didn't do anything!
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