7 Cities  - Tower defence game. Free at itunes for 1 day

7 Cities - Tower defence game. Free at itunes for 1 day

Found 16th Dec 2009Made hot 17th Dec 2009
Free for 1 day to celebrate 1 year anniversary! Enjoy!

7 Cities takes you back to the ages past when pirates attacked the Seven Golden Cities of the Amazon.

This is a classic Tower Defense game with an interesting twist: the towers gain experience and get more powerful as they destroy the enemies.

**NEW** Open Waters mode now allows you to build your own maze for the ships to travel through.

Set the Pirate ships on fire with the Trebuchet.
Freeze their evil minions with the Tornado Tower.
Eletricute the attackers with the Lightning Tower.
Or better yet, unlease the mighty power of the mysterious Obelisk.
More towers and special skills are in the game.


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I'm getting:-

''Purchase of this item is not currently available.
This item is being modified. Pleae try again later''

Thanks op, I will try later

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It should work eventually. Have another freebie or two while you're waiting. :thumbsup:




Will be nice, when available....

I'm still also waiting to buy squareball, which has been "under modification" for 18 hours now

thanks mif,
still being modified at the mo tho

still being modified, shame because I like tower defence games.

Edit - I have just emailed the developer to let him know that there is an issue

I hope they finish modifying it soon

was lloking at buying this the other day so free is great!

Hope the modifications are over soon...
Had these problems with one of the appventcalendar.co.uk games on Sunday which made 95% of people in the UK miss it...


Now able to download.


Now able to download.

Same here, download away!

Downloading now

downloading now - thanks

nice thanks

downloading , cheers

thanks - off to find a wifi hot spot - 40mb - ouch

dl'ed thx

Was expecting this to be pretty average to be honest, but downloaded and it's not bad at all. Great for free, thanks!
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