*7 Day Deal Magnum ice cream tubs £1.75 @ Iceland (nationwide deal!)

*7 Day Deal Magnum ice cream tubs £1.75 @ Iceland (nationwide deal!)

Found 18th Jul 2017
Magnum icecream tubs half price for 7 days
Iceland nationwide deal
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i'd even buy them for 2.50 ❤️
Is it only this flavour?

Is it only this flavour?

Classic, Almond and White
Website says £2.50 so what's with the £1.25?
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Is this in store deal ? Website still says £2.50

Website says £2.50 so what's with the £1.25?

I pondered that, but that's non of my business
£2.50 cold

I pondered that, but that's non of my business

We must make it our business' people voting hot on a post that appears untrue needs flagging up! By us - those that can be bothered to actually check it's a real deal' this website needs policing' the mods are obviously asleep!!


HUKD PC Penny! X)
Because we all know that people update their websites right away.

Tesco website is complete ******* because their own brand offers are not available in all their stores, their website is completely bull**** for getting the price of stuff.

If you are going to put a price on something on your store website MAKE SURE ITS FOR ALL YOUR STORES
Not the best of tub ice creams. The crack chocolate is gimmicky. Thick pieces of chocolate all stuck to the edges of the tub and the ice cream in the middle not that flavoursome. Ok for £1.25 but prefer me some Ben and Jerrys.
I miss buying tubs of ice cream, all teh ones nowadays are disgusting or too sickly.

I miss the Hagan Daz Caramel (Not this salted BS they flog now) and the choc chip one, what moron at HQ decided it was a good idea to stop producing chocolate chip ice cream.

I don't eat much ice cream nowadays.

These were the ones I liked


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Voted hot for 1.25 but if they are for 2.50 then it's cold.
Doesnt go live till tomorrow so they will be 1.25, at least instore probs.
The tickets at the store I work at state that these will be £1.75 on the 7 day deal. I could be wrong....
Their 7 day deals are usually half price on their top price which according to their website is 3.89 so it's more likely they'll be 1.75 as Matt says above. Is a 440ml tub of ice cream really a good deal for 1.75?
Seems mattb_1987 was right after all!

i'd even buy them for 2.50 ❤️

£2.50 in Morrison

£2.50 in Morrison

Currently on offer at £2.00 in both Morrisons and Asda, so not really one of the better Iceland 7 Day deals., but still a small saving at £1.75
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I clearly put starts tomorrow!!!
All about oppo! Magum is meh..
Can't believe how many critics we have on here these days
Thanks OP love this stuff heat added.
Thanks OP. Got some today after noticing your post. Have requested mods to unexpire.
Thanks x
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