7-in-1 Solar Jump Starter USB charger home charging solar charging power outlet - delivered !

7-in-1 Solar Jump Starter USB charger home charging solar charging power outlet - delivered !

Found 20th Jun 2010
7-in-1 power system to keep you illuminated, inflated, charged and powered on the road
3 watt solar charging panel - trickle charges the power station from the sun
Jump Starter - up to 500 amp cranking power for jump starting your vehicle''s flat battery
Air compressor - 260psi for fast tyre inflation - also includes display gauge
Invertor - 200W of power for an emergency mains source on the move
Twin 12V 10A output DC sockets featuring overload protection for use with items that are powered via cigarette plug
Light - built-in 3-LED powerful worklight
500mA USB power socket - charge USB devices on the move
Heavy-duty rubberised high-impact housing to withstand knocks
Built-in 12V 12Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
Recharges from your vehicle''s 12V socket or at home plus trickle charge function via solar panel
Fully charged from AC in approximately 34 hours and from DC in approximately 12 hours
Supplied with heavy duty battery leads plus AC and DC chargers
This fully portable power station does more than simply start your car''s flat battery. With this 7-in-1 feature packed unit you can inflate tyres quickly, power small mains items up to 200W, use the twin DC 12V outlets for items that use a car cigarette plug, charge ancillary devices via USB and be visible using the powerful light to see in the dark. The unit is ideal for cars, vans, recreational vehicles or boats. The addition of a solar panel provides an extra trickle-charging option for when you are away from the home or your vehicle.

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I hope this helps someone. I myself was looking for this kind of packaged product for sometime.
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is there a better alternative because of which this has been voted cold ?
I think most of voters are being put off Solar & Jump Starter.
this would be useful for little amount of people, usb power, 12V 10A power, why & how da hella you would carry this around in car to charge mobile phone or provide additional sockets?
Anyway, it might be good deal for certain people, e.g. mechanics, people who like to carry around bulky staff, etc.
I would have thought this would be a great thing to have if you're camping or caravaning? Hot for me...
Definitely hot for me, I've ben eyeing this up for weeks, but couldn't justify spending the £90, now at £70, good for me. Perfect for camping. Hot!!
What I don't get about this folks is that in all liklihood this thing cooks in a car (bad for the battery) & the panel suffers from getting very little sun through the windscreen.. thus making the whole set up somewhat of a loose cannon, the battery will be a cheap type, incapable of deep discharge cycles & let folk down in all probability, people who probably do not understand charging & discharging of batteries properly in order to get long life from them
very cold.
I think what you have probably missed is that this thing can be charged at home as well. I have not found a all in one package for emergency purpose e.g. went on holiday for a month and had to jump start your car etc. No need to use power if you live in a place where sun light expose is there !! How many people are carrying the battery jump starter hooked to the 12v socket...I do not get your logic. For me this is useful for camping and emergency aid if you can carry it and keep it charged (possibly at home once in a while or keep it where you get some sun light), I'm sure there are others who want this.

I do respect that you do not need this ( MR GUS) however I could not agree to your reasoning
Why do Maplin links ALWAYS lead to some batteries? What's up with that?
Direct link:

BTW: this unit cannot be used as a car battery charger!
I had a very similar one (no panel) & wen't on holiday for a month, when returning to the vehicle I checked the battery light for the unit (showing charge) ..it was flat but my own car battery was fine thank goodness, it was to prove a point to the wife that the battery & product were about as shonky as you could get & not to be relied on.

The wife has since learnt alot more with regards to battery cycles, deep discharging & the like & sensibly has opted for a good home charger that we use for frequent top up just to be on the safe side (we live in a very cold wind prone area & have one vehicle we don't use too often (ltd mileage) easier than carrying what I deem to be an unreliable, weighty & expensive back up in the car 9eating at your petrol consumption, the money was spent on a CTEK Multi XS ........ charger which has proven invaluable, has the pulse facility for conditioning for glass mat variants & the like, good for hefting power into larger vehicle batteries.
As for using the battery itself to power items whilst camping power draw needs to be considered in order not to take the battery below 90% capacity (it's a leisure type after all) in order to keep its useful chargecycle at max.
draw too much & dead or unreliable battery before much time has passed, & another one of these at the council tip.
Not trying to belittle this deal, simply aware that Amps watts n'all that doesn't mean alot to most people..
I would personally go for a modern battery charger & top up your battery every few months to keep it in peak condition, (the CTEK multi's staret @ around £40 & go up to around £80 depending on where you purchase, modifier clips are available in order to add permanent easy access hook up to your battery without getting dirty & also a cig lighter insert for the charger, accomodating most peoples car battery needs

(also forgot to say re my own experience with our cheap battery charger / inflator / light / power source that the inflator hose perished in 6 months (perhaps it was due to being stored in the car) rendering another aspect of it useless..
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