7-Inch Widescreen Digital TV with USB and SD Slot £65 for B stock and under £60 with discounts

7-Inch Widescreen Digital TV with USB and SD Slot £65 for B stock and under £60 with discounts

Found 8th Mar 2008
Manufacturer: Nikkai

Receive free-to-view and analogue channels
MP3, MPEG4 playback through the SD slot or USB
Connects to a camcorder, VCR, DTR, DVD or security camera
Compatible with flash drives and external hard drives
Auto-scanning for easy TV channel setup
Can store 1000 channels
7-day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
Video output to display picture on a larger device
On-screen display to adjust brightness, contrast, colour and volume
Internal full range speakers with headphone output to add additional speakers
Built-in stand at the rear of the TV

Registering for the Maplin newsletter and discount vouchers - and using quidco should drop this under £60.

Get a 16 gig memory pen and you can store over 20 films to play on this, if you use software to drop the res you could double that - as you dont need full definition on a 7 inch screen.

A hundred quid for the non B stock - but discounts from quidco and maplin put it under £90.

Worth mentioning this unit is NOT stand alone (it would eat batteries anyway) and needs a 12v (car or battery pack) or 220v (normal home electric plug) - and comes with cables for both.


Q) Does this Tv have an attached aerial, or does it come with a separate one? What is the weight of the unit? - Jo
A) Ha san attached aerial, can also use an external aerial.

Q) Does this TV have an AV input. - Dave
A) Yes it does.

Q) can this be used for photos stored on sd card? - pitfour
A) Yes the product does support that.

Q) What power leads are supplied with this item? Is there an in-car 12v adaptor - Mike Turner
A) Yes A mains adaptor and car adaptor is included.

Q) Will I be able to update the firmware ? - Carl
A) not as far as we arer aware i am afraid.

Q) Does it have an aerial socket input? -
A) Yes has an aerial input.

Q) Does this TV have a remote control? - Richie
A) yes remote is supplied.

Q) Can this product run on batteries? - T A garnham
A) i am afraid not

Q) can it play movies off the sd card and if so what formats? - Terry
A) This has MPEG4 playback capability through the SD slot or USB port.

Q) Which MPEG4 file formats (Codecs) will this unit play? - JC
A) xvid, divx 4 and 5

Q) Hello, can this unit be wall mounted? - Darryl
A) not as far as we are aware i am afraid.

Q) Can you tell me what the power consumption of this TV is? - Tony
A) 1.2Amps.


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The REALLY big picture (but it lets you see the connectors)...


Bought one few weeks ago and took it back next day. Poor build quality and very poor signal quality. The smaller 3.5 inch one they do picked up every channel and had great picture. This one struggled to get 5 channels at the same location .

Not so good tv with portable aerial but great with outdoor one. Media use is excellent plays divX xvid from sd card and usb drive, also has output so you can link up to your tv to play your movies for hdd.

I bought one of these in mexico. The performance of the tuner is not so good , and the DIVX playback works on SOME movies only. SOme DIVX movies seem to run in fast forward. Remote functions are clumsy and many functions seem to not work like FastForward and Reverse on DIVX movies. My avi files from My Kodak Digital camera do not play back at all.

As for 16X 9 movies which I have tried many none seem to fill the frame vertically . I have tried on both PAL and NTSC modes, and it is useless! I am looking for a 4x3 video to test but I think it will be the same. I have tried various resolutions at 16x9 and no difference.

The companmy that is listed to be the importer and responsible for the guarantee is out of business, and I would like to see if there is a firmware upgrade for this unit. Mine has the name Jenko, which I always read to be Junkco
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