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Posted 24 July 2022

7 Months Game Pass for £11.99 or £19.80 - New / Expired Accounts Only (NO VPN) - CDKeys - GOLD TO GPU UPGRADE

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

7 Months Game Pass for £11.99 or £19.80 - New / Expired Accounts Only (NO VPN) - CDKeys

NOTE: The technique below will ONLY work if you have no active subscription for game pass. If you already have Xbox gold, this is fine.

If you already have gold already, make sure you do not exceed 3 years when using the techniques below, otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of the offers!

Step 1: Buy Up to 3 Years of Xbox Gold from CD Keys @ £10.99 per 6 months

Step 2: Redeem the codes either through the redeem.microsoft.com, or on your Xbox.

Step 3: Buy 1 Month Game Pass Ultimate from the Xbox store (or online) - If you are a new customer, this will just be £1. If you had game pass before, it will be £10.99, alternatively buy a key from CDKeys for £8.79 at cdkeys.com/1-m…-pc.

You will be prompted to upgrade your Xbox gold to Game Pass ultimate with a 1 to 1 conversion: The renewal date should be the same as your gold, plus 1 month.

You MUST follow the steps in the order provided and not have an active game pass memberships otherwise you will be converted at a much worse ratio of 12 Months gold being just 4 months game pass.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone know what happens if you get gold when you already have ultimate?
    You will get it converted to GPU at a lower rate.
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    Is it same thing as pc game pass? Never had Xbox, just pc, and was wandering what's best way to get pc pass?!
    I think that's the Ultimate part of it. I don't have an Xbox and use a PC. Previous subscription expired last month. As per instructions, I bought the 6 x months Xbox Game Pass for £10.99. Redeemed the codes (comes as two codes) at the redeem.microsoft.com link. Then bought the Ultimate pass from CD Keys for £8.79 and redeemed via the same Microsoft link. Then the message comes up to advise you can upgrade previous Xbox Gold to Ultimate. Click continue and it's done. 23 Feb 2023 is renewal date. Heat, thanks.
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    I would like to know if the gamepass allows me to play online and access free games? I just bought my first Xbox and I’m not sure :/
  4. Avatar
    you make this seem like its a xbox ultimate code when in reality its just a 6 months xbox live code.
    Pricing includes the acknowledgment you’d need a code to upgrade
  5. Avatar
    Furious the image indicates you can get a 6 month GAMEPASS ULTIMATE code for £10.99. False advertising thus cold. (edited)
    Literally read the title? Says it’s £11.99.
  6. Avatar
    There will be inserts soon 5,9,13,15 months deals crazy

    Cold (edited)
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    Is this not the thing Microsoft where kicking off about a week or 2 ago where they cancelled upgraded subscriptions (x number of gold months for x number of GPU etc) and forced people back to £10.99 per month again.
    Not exactly. Microsoft found there were fraudulent sellers that had turned Free trials of standard Gamepass into Ultimate and were selling these codes onto unsuspecting customers cheaply. Microsoft contacted the affected customers so no bans were actually issued, just unfortunately it seems that they were required to pay extra.

    Microsoft still allows Gold to GPU conversion its still in their FAQs on what will happen and that is still a 1:1 conversion as it stands. So letting GPU expire and doing the Gold to GPU at 1:1 is still allowed just obviously if Microsoft are aware that codes used have been acquired fraudulently then that could be an issue.
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    This is very misleading, the OP makes it seems like it's Game pass ULTIMATE when it's not.
    I seriously don’t get the difference, the title clearly stipulates it’s for people with an expired pass, therefore the physical product is irrelevant. Wether or not you thought this was GPU, you will get GPU for the price shown
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    You'll get 2 x 3 months codes so it's 8 months. I bought 4 yesterday at £8.99

    Replying to

    Oh silly me. It's right under the other one.
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    Yeah I know, was pointing out it’s still great value if you are swapping it to gpu. Only £4/yr difference and still £15 cheaper than the last non vpn deal I posted a Christmas.
  11. Avatar
    Great deal! My sub had expired and I was hoping something like this might come along. Thanks so much
  12. Avatar
    Or two and a bit months, basically half price to the rest of us. 🔥 May top up a little bit more. For basically £5.50 a month. Bargain still.
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    Thanks for this, literally just purchased as my son's Game Pass Ultimate expired yesterday.

    Just to confirm that you get 2 x 3 month Xbox Live Gold codes which actually adds up to 8 months if you turn off recurring billing before entering each code, then agree to turn it back on when processing each code. Then when you add the Game Pass code it takes it up to 9 months and converts it to GPU. It didn't offer me an extra month to turn recurring billing back on when adding the GPU code though.

    Cheers OP (edited)
    So it converts 1:1 even you been already on Ultimate pass? Sorry just confused a bit..
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    Mines due to run out 01/08/25 so it’s just over 3 years that mean I can’t upgrade to the ultimate ?
    I think that you lose anything over the 3 years, so in your case it's not a big problem. Or just wait a week!
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    I already used 1£ for month on ultimate had it continued for few months, I canceled like 2 months ago. What do I need to do to use this offer? Would it convert 1:1 if use Gold codes for me or I need set up new account to take advantage if I already been ultimate user? Thx
    The only difference is you won’t get the £1 upgrade offer, it’ll either be £10,99 if you go via Microsoft, or about £9 if you buy a GPU code from the link in the post. Just make sure to apply the gold codes first.
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    Unsure why this is expired. Sure now it's 12.99 for 6m gold but with 1£ ultimate trial i menage to get 8 months Ultimate convert indeed! Tip maybe for others, it worked for me, even i already used Ultimate trial on another account for 1£, when i set up new account, it allowed me to use again trial from new account, while ultimate sub works on all accounts for me it only works when install from store, not directly on pass page for some reason, need click "show in store" then can install, otherwise it asking me to upgrade for ultimate, even subscription in setting showing that i gor ultimate active strange
    Unfortunately if the price of a deal changes you aren't allowed to update it and are told to make a new one.