7 more DRM-free games from Humble Bundle (Windows/Mac/Linux) (2 New)

7 more DRM-free games from Humble Bundle (Windows/Mac/Linux) (2 New)

Found 16th FebEdited by:"erasion"
Humble Bundle are once again offering 7 DRM-free games for download, 5 offered last time and 2 new ones. Mainly PC but some Mac and Linux games. Ttitles included are
  • 2000 to 1: A Space Felony
  • Uurnog
  • Thor.n
  • Crescent Bay
  • Hitch Hiker
  • Quiet City *NEW*
  • Keyboard Sports *NEW*
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"Free" for those currently subscribed to humble bundle monthly
Also "free" for those *not* currently subscribed to humble bundle monthly...
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Despite what clonereeco says, these 7 games are free to download for everyone until the start of March; I have never subscrived to Humble Monthly and am able to download them. The other games are only available to subscribers.
Yep, the seven above are 100% free, gratis, no el chargo.
Thanks for posting. Already DL'd the first 5 but would likely have missed the new additions.
Apologies for the confusion, was late last night and I didn't notice the green banner on the first 7 games which do let you download for free without being a member
Edited by: "clonereeco" 17th Feb
Folks, for anyone else who was struggling to find out where the heck to get the freebies from, go to this link...


It's a pity they're direct download rather than being Steam keys though
Edited by: "DragonChris" 17th Feb
Linux runs on PCs, Mac is a PC too

Please don't refer to Windows as "PC"
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