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£70 for 2  -- Bruges & Amsterdam 2-for-1 Mini Cruises
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£70 for 2 -- Bruges & Amsterdam 2-for-1 Mini Cruises

Posted 24th Sep 2008

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

P&O has released a sensational 2-for-1 offer on mini cruises to Amsterdam and Bruges, so two people can now travel from just £70 on Sundays to Wednesdays! The price includes an ensuite cabin for two nights and FREE return transfers to the city centre. Sailings on Thursdays and Saturdays are available from £76.

The mini cruises depart from Hull until 22 December. You will sail to Rotterdam (for Amsterdam) or Zeebrugge (for Bruges) and transfer by coach for a full day in your chosen city.

Amsterdam is known for its network of canals, with boats and cycles popular ways to get around the city. Attractions include the Van Gogh museum, Vondel Park and the Anne Frank House.

Called the Venice of the North, Bruges offers canals, Medieval architecture, confectioners and an abundance of traditional restaurants. It is also home to the brand-new Concert Hall music complex -- one of the largest contemporary culture hubs in Flanders.

Tip: You can also sail on Fridays from £111.

How to book: To book with P&O Ferries, click on Direct Link. Once you've clicked on 'Book a mini cruise to...', select the month of travel and chose one of the 2-for-1 mini cruise options in the list.
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I did a mini cruise a few years ago when I was living down south and the ensuite cabins are quite confy I had a good sleep and a good day visit!
i've never been on a mini cruise, what is there to do on the ship? and are meals etc... very pricey?
Sounds good, anyone who have been on one of these got any comments?
looks like you get roughly 5 hours in amsterdam, is this long enough to have a look round? i've never been and wondered if its a big city and takes ages to look round?
You could lose a couple of years in Amsterdam to be fair.. 5 hours...not enough time for me personally.

You could lose a couple of years in Amsterdam to be fair.. 5 hours...not … You could lose a couple of years in Amsterdam to be fair.. 5 hours...not enough time for me personally.

ditto, 5 hours is nowhere near enough time to appreciate a new city especially one like amsterdam! or if you hit a coffeeshop thats 5 hours gone straight away :-D
These are fantastic... hot and rep left!!! Done them loads of times from Hull - Great value for money and you get plenty of time to look around too...
been on them a few times good cabins are real nice ferry well worth the £35 each you get good day out in amsterdam .The canal tour boats are well worth going on in the city
i cant find any £70 fares? there all over £100 ??
found them - i was selecting 4 people and it wasn't coming up with any - but changed it to 2 people and it does. BTW, whats the onboard food like and is it expensive if you dont pre-buy the meals?
they have a cafe etc... average prices! Hot dogs are a must....
is it worth pre buying all meals for about £25 each? or just getting food on the cruise?
As others have said 5 hours is definitely not long enough in Amsterdam so not worth it really. Best to add a night in a hotel if you can.
I done a similar thing with DFDS. Was good value for the money i`d say, but wasn`t the best at the same time i guess.

Boat etc was fine, prices were fine but the short time in Amsterdam isn`t worth it to be fair.

Defo do it if you can book an overnight stay in Amsterdam and be aware that you will get your odd drunks on the boat drinking all day and night, but then again you get this down any local high street.

Heat added due to the price i guess.
do you really get 5 hours? when i booked mine it said 6 1/2???

easily enough for some shopping and wandering around

bear in mind its only £10pp extra to stay an extra night (booking your own accom)

i booked leaving on a sat early dec - £78 for 2 people including fuel charge
Ahh going to the dam in nov for my birthday, thought this would be the best way but not long enough. Fantastic deal though but I will stick with a hostel and £60 return flights.
Anyone done one of these before? Suitable to take the mrs on?
I lost a whole weekend in one of them cafes in Amsterdam... :oops:
Hey there, I went on one of these last year (to Bruges) so thought I'd just put a few points down :

- The cruise ship is fine, I loved it but then I love everything on the sea. Things of note:
- Not sure if its changed, but last year smoking was allowed on board (in certain areas). This included the lounge where the entertainment was. It got *very* smokey up there. Entertainment finishes relatively early (11ish? Can't quite remember) but that didn't stop me and my (ex) fiance grabbing my Ipod and portable speakers, and sitting up in the lounge with them on with a bottle of wine bought earlier from duty free, on our own, ha ha
- The onboard prepaid 'lunch' is for a scrappy buffet. If you want a nice sit down meal, the onboard restaurant is great, but a) make sure you book your table as SOON as you board, and b) you will have to pay extra for it anyway. There is *no* point prepaying if you want the sit down meal as you'll pay the exact same price. The restaurant isn't cheap. Think it cost me about £70 in total for us two.
- The cabins aren't good in my opinion. Extremely small with tiny bunk beds. If I went again I'd pay the extra for one of the suites.
- There is a cash machine on board, but it charges you quite a lot to withdraw.
- There are the usual other range of duty free/cafes etc - none of these onboard are particularly exciting value.

We went to Bruges, not Amsterdam:

- Approximately 6-7 hours ish in Bruges is enough for a day trip. Its a small town, and you can pretty much see most the town in that time. Its a great place to take your partner, very very picturesque and locals are all tourist friendly.
- Not too expensive, but don't expect £40 to get you through the day if you're intending to do more than sit in the town square watching the horses go past.

Anyway, hope that helps!
been on these a few times, both to amsterdam and bruges and have to say they are really worth the money imo. the cabins are lovely, there it lots of shops and bars on board also usually a cinema, casino and restaurants cafes ect. theres usually a cafe on board where you can buy food but i really do reccommend paying extra for the on board meals. they are fantastic with every kind of food you could imagine all eat as much as you like! you can usually book them on board seperately so you dont have to prebook. ive always found 5 hours is long enough for me to see the main sights, do a b it of shopping ect. basically its what you want it to be, if u wanna go and get drunk for a day u can. or if you want to treat your other half to a quiet weekend away you can ( although bunk beds in cabin so dont get your hopes up ;-) )
just to add that i wouldnt reccomend going on a saturday night if your going to bruges. you would be spending sunday in bruges and we made that mistake last year. apparently they all go to church on a sunday morning so none of the shops open till around 2! even the department stores are closed. and theres not a lot else to do so it was quite boring. by the time the shops opened it was almost time to go back on the coach! also make sure you know your way back to the coach when it drops you off because last year we rememberes our way back to the coach by looking for certain sights ect. then it snowed while we were there very deeply! so everything looked the same!! we ended up going completely the wrong way for about 2 miles in 2 feet of snow!!!
Took the ferry over to Amsterdam back in March. Was delighted to find you can still smoke (tobacco that is) in one part of the bar! Seemed almost nostalgic.

They also have a mini casino, if you like a flutter, and when I went across, they had a Gala Bingo night, so the boat was full of elderly ladies, from as far afield as Glasgow.

You could also take a look around the wonderful, Premiership hosting metropolis that is Kingston Upon Hull on the way!
Hi, we have been on the Minicruise to Brugge and it was excellent, we have 6-7 hours there and was plenty of time to see everything, we have booked to go in October half term but this time to Amsterdam.

I think we will have longer in Amsterdam than Brugge as the boat docks in Amsterdam at 8.00 (same as Brugge) but does not set sail again until 9pm (Brugge sets sail at 19.00). I know the bus ride to Amsterdam is longer but we should have at least 8 hours there 10-18.00 I think it is. There is much more detail if you request a mini cruise brochure from Superbreak under Speciality Breaks. We booked both our trips through Superbreak. It is slightly cheaper too. We could have paid £32 each for our Amsterdam break in Oct half term but paid £34 each to have a room with sea view. This still comes in cheaper than booking through P&O directly. Unfortunately the prices are not displayed online but if you request a brochure or ring up they're clearly stated. We booked our trip in July so you can book this price all year, P&O don't offer 2 for 1 until Sept. It is roughly £65 each to go in summer months though.

Its worth requesting a superbreak brochure though - see SuperBreak here
0871 221 3344

We just rang them up to book, then they ring P&O whilst your on the phone and all is sorted and you get confirmation in the post within 1-2 days.

It used to be free parking at Hull but now they have started imposing a small charge of £5 I think.
Never done one of these cruises.

Always seems a bit pointless when you could spend an extra £20 and get a flight.

Flights can take only 40 minutes if you have the wind behind you and a pilot who likes to put his foot down. If you do online check in you only have to arrive at the airport 30 minutes before flight time, and the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam takes about 10 minutes.

In all, as I live in Nottingham I could be in Amsterdam in around 2 hours, house to hotel.

5 hours is no time in Amsterdam at all, a couple of days there goes by too quickly.
Nice deal, but a dude would require more than 1 day in Amsterdam thats for sure.

Anyone done one of these before? Suitable to take the mrs on?

I went on one of the Amsterdam mini cruises for my stag doo earlier this year (May) and it was fantastic. Nice ship, nice food, good entertainment, reasonable price beer... what more can you ask for, especially at this price! Amsterdam was fantastic, but i'd probably stay over for a night next time..... Will have to see if my missus will let me go with the lads again :whistling:
Ive done these trips loads of times and if I lived a bit nearer the departure point I would go every week! You get around 6 hours in the city, and the coach drops you right in the centre. Amsterdam isnt that big and if you plan ahead you can see what you want to see. As for the food on board we just book breakfast and get a sandwich or something in Amsterdam to take back with us. In the warmer months we just get a crate of beer out of duty free and sit on the deck. ( Not really recommended in the winter months......) Plenty of entertainment on board, thats part of the trip for us. If you've never been to Amsterdam its worth £35 just to get a taste of the place.
Does Quido work on this deal?
Does anyone who has been on this trip before know if you can leave bags in your cabin during the day? or do you have to take all your belongings with you?

Does anyone who has been on this trip before know if you can leave bags … Does anyone who has been on this trip before know if you can leave bags in your cabin during the day? or do you have to take all your belongings with you?

last time i went you could leave luggage in cabin on the amsterdam day trip
Thanks, am going to Brugge so hopefully the same.:thumbsup:
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