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70% off Final Value Fees (Excludes 30p order-level fees) Selected Accounts (16th December to 19th) @ eBay

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From the 16th Dec to 19th 2022

Get 70% off Final Value Fees (excludes 30p order-level fees)

*Applies to final value fees on up to 100 listings. An item must sell within the first listing period. No insertion fees apply. Private sellers only. Offer excludes the 30p order level fee. Other fees, including any international fees, still apply. T&C's apply.

Start time: 00:00:00 - 16/12/22
End time: 23:59:59 - 19/12/22
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    Lots of doom-mongers on these comments. Everything I sent last week via Tracked 48 has been delivered.
    Surprised at how my packages have still been getting through. Made 2 sales on sat 2 weeks ago just after a Friday strike and before planned wed/thu following week. One buyer said no rush so dropped off at post office 2nd class (not even tracked). The other wanted quicker so used Evri 1 day service. Ok I know it was Evri but it was the RM one that arrived first on the Tuesday and the Evri was at least Wednesday.

    Others have largely been good too somehow although on very first strike days it seemed bad. Perhaps they have enough Xmas agency workers in now. (edited)
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    Had 3 claims for refunds in the last week for stuff I sold 3 weeks ago ,tracked delivery ,absolute joke royal mail atm, impatient buyers ,eBay steps in and forces a refund (edited)
    Royal Mail have an interesting black hole for information.

    LOST: Item gets lost in the post, you can claim a full refund for the value from RM. Though they do give it to you in stamps sometimes without you getting to decide, and you have to wait about a month.

    DELAYED: eBay claim from a buyer, you refund immediately, package arrives later and Royal Mail are very vague over what they'll give you since they did their job (eventually.)

    You actually seem better off if it gets lost completely. (edited)
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    It will be foolish to ship anything until the first week of January, or even a bit later. I am not going to risk it with the crazy backlog piling up with other service providers thanks to the RM fiasco. (edited)
    Agree, I've removed all my listings with the strikes as it's not worth the risk of claims being made
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    Two negative feedbacks on my 100% record this week due to people wanting refunds, professional scammers out this time of year all wanting a freebie. I’d avoid eBay like the plague if there was a better alternative.
    Deppresingly familiar experience. I have sent a buyer an item twice, but they raise a complaint and do not respond to messages or withdraw. A 100% scammer, but eBay not interested.. The buyer is always right even when its a scammer
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    hard pass on selling anything this late, I'm closing my sales on Friday morning.
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    70% club 100% of the time
    Me too and no complaints. It's guaranteed and that's a big positive.
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    Worked again for me , excellent 👌
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    Its risky using royalmail or parcelforce so many of things have been stolen using these two organisations
    Or not scanned on delivery.

    I purchased Lego which was delivered to me yesturday not scanned but i left feedback already so seller knows its arrived.
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    Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired.
    Check your old eBay messages and once you find one saying "£1 final fee" or something similar, just click on it. Worked for me, a message from June. 
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    Not working for me.
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    good one
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    "Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired."
    Typically that means you are eligible for the £1 Max or 80% fvf deal.
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    Got this again - looks like my tactic of ignoring last 70% when downgraded from 80 has not worked 😏
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    Will it work on something you are selling already if you unlist an item and then relist it now?
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    Not even eligible for this now and £1/80% definitely aren't working...
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    Ebay could give me 100% off fees and I'd still not bother right now. Royal Mail and couriers are in absolute chaos right now.
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    Can't get this or any other discount off Final Value Fees now! Just wont list!! I could only get 70% previously?
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    Can anyone help. Just sold item that the buyer will be collecting for cash. I have no fees as yet as payment not been made I assume when I marked as paid they will take the fees? I will still be charged the same with 70% discount for a cash payment.?

    Just need be certain or I will probably cancel sale if I get charged full fees

    I have not used eBay for cash on collection when the offer is running.