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70% off Final Value Fees (Excludes 30p order-level fees) Selected Accounts (2nd December to 5th) @ eBay

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From the 2nd Dec to 5th 2022

Get 70% off Final Value Fees (excludes 30p order-level fees)

*Applies to final value fees on up to 100 listings. An item must sell within the first listing period. No insertion fees apply. Private sellers only. Offer excludes the 30p order level fee. Other fees, including any international fees, still apply. T&C's apply.

Start time: 00:00:00 - 02/12/22
End time: 23:59:59 - 05/12/22
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    I've accepted the offer. If I schedule listings now for after the start date will the offer still apply or do I have to wait until it actually starts for it to apply?
    I think it should work for scheduled listings but you might be better off just making drafts incase
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    does the item have to sell between the 2nd and the 5rd or does it have to be liste between then? i sold a laptop last year and kept lowering it as i didnt want to miss out on not paying the sky high ebay fees
    No. The fee offer is covered for as long as the listing. So if you list at Buy It Now for 7 days, it is until then. If you list for 30 days it is until then. Just be careful at the end of the period as the item will most likely auto relist but will then be charged full fees if it sells.
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    Only losers take 70%
    Colour me a loser then coz that's all eBay allow me
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    Is it just me being plain wrong or Ebay lately really sucks with promos?
    I mean the recent the BF Cyber Monday was the biggest disappointment in years...
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    Holding off for £1 or 80% - or its Facebook Marketplace for my XMAS sales (edited)
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    Last year I sold a £1200 item with a £1 final value fee, buyer paid by cash So, if you have things not in use, these are the times to free some locked value. (edited)
    That's why eBay is stitching us all with the lower 50% fees, they're going broke from losing that £1
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    Thank you, worked for me . (edited)
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    Worked for me...cheers!
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    70 is the new 80
    I tried telling a copper 50 was the new 40 once after reading an article in a newspaper, but he still gave a speeding ticket. :/
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    Thanks OP! My usual fortnightly 70% off!
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    Not for me shame
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    Does this offer work on buy it now listings or auction only?
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    "Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired."
    Is that all three you have been knocked back on? £1 max, 80% off and 70% off? It's always worth clicking between now and Friday and checking Friday as things have been found to change. (edited)
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    have had an account for years and recently "sold" 3 items- one buyer failed to pay, the other buyer sent about 15 messages about the items, about arranging collections and just generally wasting time for some reason. I contacted ebay who couldn't care less. they appear to only be interested in getting their fees and not about customers. Happy to say my account has now been deleted
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    Tried to activate and it says expired...
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    "You can longer apply for this offer as it has expired" ??????
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    Nope, still active and will be until it runs out end of Monday (edited)
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    Link doesn't work
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    Do people actually still sell on eBay?
    I've done so for a long while now but it's getting harder for various reasons and I'll only sell when there's a discounted fee promo running otherwise it's daylight robbery 🤪
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    3rd time in a row they have offered me 70
    And not 80 so onto Facebook I go until they get their act together. Ebay have just turned into a joke …. 70, 80, £1 just set it for gods sake.
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    I managed to bank 80%
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    Says expired for me
    Have you tried one of the other offers this week, maybe you'll get one of them?

    It's not expired, but for some reason a few are seeing that message?
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    used to always get the 80% then the 70 and now none
    only thing different this past month is I sold some smaller things with no fee offer..

    wonder if thats made it so i get none now because they think im happy to sell without
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    When it comes to relisting items, can you just go into your "unsold" list and bulk relist and still get the 80% off?

    It only takes a few minutes to manually relist them but it would be handy if I could just do it with one click whenever these promo's pop up.
    I know you can relist manually and as long as you do it within the promo period and you've opted in then you get the reduced fees, though can't help with the bulk part of it, sorry (edited)
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    Valid from 2nd to 5th December and expired for me on the 2nd. Probably better for eBay to say 'sorry you don't qualify for this promotion' ! I won't sell anything on eBay now without these promotions. 10% fees is a bit much.
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    Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired.
    Still active, just taken this now, not sure why some are getting the expired message?
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    Got offered this instead of 80% I think i've just been moved down a bracket Cant decide whether to hold out or just accept it Help!
    It's quite warm and cosy down here in the cheap seats, the natives seem friendly enough too (edited)
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    can this be used alongside the 'list an item to win' competition? Haven't activated the competition as I'm wondering if all my 70% off will automatcally get linked to the comp instead
    That's what I've done, working so far, though I activated the competition first