£70 or £75 Casback and 2 Free Month Insurance @ Aviva
£70 or £75  Casback and 2 Free Month Insurance @ Aviva

£70 or £75 Casback and 2 Free Month Insurance @ Aviva

hi all just got my insurance from Aviva for £269 for a 150 Mjet sport Bravo which was the best by far but with the cashback makes this an unbelievable price

not normally in the running but as they are offering 2 month free insurance at the mo, it makes them very competitive

also if you are a member of TopCashBack and get your insurance going to Aviva via that you'll get an extra £70 cashback (£75 using Quidco -Thanks Beanz )

Remember to register at TopCashBack first
, fill in your details, and type in Aviva (in merchants) follow the direct link to the Aviva site and continue as normal , mines tracked already but it can take 3 months to be paid.

Hope this saves you all some cash




I got a quote on my Astra coupe, they quoted me twice my current premium, No accidents, no convictions, live in good area, over 25...

Cold from me I'm afraid!

i got a quote for my ford focus and they were £80 cheaper than anyone else also got quidco on top of that good deal
mind got a quote for my hous insurance and it was a lot more expensive

Compared with £136 from the AA with 12 months breakdown cover or £50 cashbash through Quidco. :thinking:

Oh no here we go ]again....

This is not an outright deal by any means, shop around people!
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