700 £5 tickets for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London South Bank

700 £5 tickets for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London South Bank

Found 6th Apr 2017
700 tickets for every performance at Shakespeare's Globe, London. They are standing tickets, not seated but it's the best view.
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If you havn't been its certainly a unique experience
Oh, wow, thank you for this! Will definitely be going! Can't believe this fantastic price!
agree - great experience and good productions.
now if i only had someone to go with
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any recommendations on what to watch?
Othello, Midsummer Night's Dream ?
Dont think the latter is playing actually
cant get any £5 bookings to come up Cant see standing tickets
Is Shakespeare still incomprehensible, or have they improved it since I was at school?
Thank op.
Went to one of these back in year 9, never again... oO
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Great stuff!!

Went to one of these back in year 9, never again... oO

2008 years ago.....
What were they playing? Was Bruce Forsyth in it?
How's the rheumatism?
firstly this is not exactly a 'deal' as this is the standard price but yes its cheap for what you get especially in London

secondly dont forget with the £5 tickets you will be standing for at least 2 to 3 hours straight (usually with an intermission) & you will definately not be allowed to sit down as they stop you from doing that - the best bet is to get there early as you can get to be next to the stage & can lean against it (or buy seated tickets)

thirdly its open air so if if it rains you will be standing in the rain

Ive been a few times, while Im degree educated Ive never been a literature buff at all so have a pretty hard time following whats going on as I simply dont understand shakespearean english (so I try to read a synopsis before I go) - im sure this would also apply to lots of people - even if you are like me its still worth going at least once just for the experience of seeing a play in the open air in the environment of the 'globe'

Probably the best one I saw was Titus Andronicus as you often didnt necessarily have to understand what they were saying to follow it - its also quite gory & violent which for me at least added to the entertainment

For me an even nicer environment is Sam Wanamakers playhouse - among other things I saw a baroque opera there & it was a superb enviroment to stage it in - its much more cosy & intimate than the globe

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Not really a theatre/play person but bought some thanks =D heated
Wonder if I can take my own seat?
Shakespeare is boring enough without having to feckin' stand as well...be much harder to secretly nod off if you risk taking out fellow torture victims! X)
Is it trendy to disregard Shakespeare these days? Not incomprehensible if you make the effort. Certainly not 'boring' or 'poncey' either.

Stood at a few of these before. Whilst I prefer to sit you can sometimes get involved in the action if you stand - actors moving and fighting amongst you etc.
Great! How much is it normally? Booked
you should go, he was an Italian born smart guy
A life enhancing experience - switched me on to Shakespeare too and I've been back many times. Nothing compares to standing in the yard at the Globe - and £5 is an amazing price. Need to add £2 booking fee!
Absolutely loved seeing midsummer nights dream here last year, brilliant performance, however I think standing for the entirety would've been hell!
We saw Midsummer Nights Dream and it was really funny, everyone should see at least one Shakespeare play like this! I'm not sure I could have stood throughout and you definitely are not allowed to sit during it unless in the seated area. However you get the best view and are in the thick of the action. We have booked for Romeo & Juliet here this summer. It's worth seeing it done properly to actually understand it. I hadn't done any Shakespeare since secondary school and had forgotten a lot of it but it's amazing how you can keep up. A great experience.
This is the standard price for standing tickets.
I went before with standing tickets. It was a great "first time" experience and definitely one to try but beware the standing part is not fun. The courtyard gets very packed and you're standing for ages. If you're short it's even worse as you have to keep tip toeing to see when taller people get in front of you. I couldn't handle it and left at the first intermission. I'd definitely go again but only if I have seated tickets.
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