£7.00 In Store at Tesco's****** Top Gear Box Set*********

£7.00 In Store at Tesco's****** Top Gear Box Set*********

Found 6th Oct 2009
Revved Up: In between mercilessly pulverising the motoring industry's slackers and bagging themselves a place in the cockpit of the latest, sleekest and fastest drives, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have had some fun racing, crashing and generally mucking about in the most unlikely vehicles. Now direct from the Top Gear bunker, Richard brings us the best, and most requested petrolhead stunts from the unmissable show's recent series.

Winter Olympics: The Winter Olympics Special episode in full, including a Mini driven down a ski jump and an ice hockey game with cars!

The Best Of: A 90 minute special containing all the best bits from the brand new first and second series of the nation's favourite motoring show, presented by outspoken pundit Jeremy Clarkson. Featuring Clarkson test driving supercars and then reviewing them in a studio, while 'The Stig' demonstrates exactly how fast these cars can go.

Highlights include reviews of the Aston Martin, Vanquish, DB7, Pagani Zonda, Lotus Elise and Espirit, as well as some fantastic light-hearted features such as 'Doughnut Grannies', 'Plane vs. Car' and 'Bus Jumping Over Motorbike'.

This motoring epic will appeal to car enthusiasts everywhere...


I wouldn't do anything to line the pockets of that idiot and conceited prat Clarkson, and I'm sure hammond had some deal out of the BBC to put him on everything after his accident. Might be a good deal though!

£7.48 from Amazon, if you can't get it in store.

also asda for £7

Item available from play.com for £8.99 (free delivery) if the above fails
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