700 Piece Lego Brick Box £7.13 instore @ Asda

700 Piece Lego Brick Box £7.13 instore @ Asda

Found 10th Jan 2011Made hot 10th Jan 2011
While working, yesterday, I saw this and thought it was a good one. There was 20+ boxes.


Is this Duplo?


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Dont think so: here is the link to the online store, buts more expensive … Dont think so: here is the link to the online store, buts more expensive and out of stock.

This got hot at £14.25, surprised there isn't more heat.

these showed 14.25 in my local store(leicester) wonder if they are at reduced price at checkout??

Bargain - it was good value at double this. If only my local stores had them

This is a store specific mistake. It is a new style pack and was a special intro price. It is not supposed to be cleared.
I think this will be £20+ as soon as they get new stock.

Even at £14.25 it's still a good deal.

Which store do you work at??

its nationwide got them in Walsall to

Priced up at £14.25 at my Local Store....took one to customer services to check the price and they scanned at £7.13....Thanks OP, Bought Two for my Two little Boys for next Christmas :-)

Also Had Lego Duplo for smaller kids, in the same boxes, but not sure if this was £7.13

Priced at £14.25 in my local Asda but scanned at £5 - bought 2!

Very cheap price for Lego, heat added.

Got one from my local. Looked like someone had already had the lot. Mine was mixed up with the DUPLO ones.

Sigh.. None in North Swindon Asda. I would really have liked a set or two of this. The basic stuff is sooo much more street than the new stuff.

Anyone have any idea if they have any in stock in Bradford/Leeds area. Managed to get Toy Story buzz and woody for £7.49 as per other post at Huddersfield - they had plenty of stock earlier.

There are some instore at Southgate (North London), both the Duplo and standard Lego. I bought some today but there are plenty left on shelf.

Got last box at my local Asda yesterday. It's a bargain!
Duplo's still at £14.25.

I'm trying to find it. There was a lot of Duplo in Eastlands in Manchester. Any signs of Lego in the area?

Just picked 1 up from Leicester Fosse park for £7.13. Still about 5 left if that helps anyone.

Hi I got some from asda in Benton today, fantastic deal!
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