70cl Amarula Cream Liquor - Amazon Prime Now - £10

70cl Amarula Cream Liquor - Amazon Prime Now - £10

Found 11th Oct 2016
Not the cheapest it's ever been but seems to be a couple of quid cheaper than anywhere else at the moment.

Amarula Cream is a pure blend of nature's fresh cream and the mysterious taste of the wild marula fruit. Africa's majestic elephants walk for miles to feast on the sun-ripened marula fruit which is indigenous to the region's vast subequatorial plains.

The hand-picked marula fruit is fermented, distilled and matured for two years in French oak before being blended with the finest fresh cream. Internationally award-winning Amarula cream is best enjoyed neat or on ice.


This stuff is lovely, thanks OP!

try it in hot chocolate, when I weant to South Africa and had this out on Safari in a bit of hot chocolate my eyes lit up, soo good.

On its own it is a bit sweet but still one of the better liquors.

Watch this old South African video clip that shows the effects of the Marula fruit that this is made from

It's a good deal, but would be lovely if £8 or £9.

Lovely creamy fruit

Nothing else tastes like it
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