70cl reyka vodka £23 @ sainsbury's

70cl reyka vodka £23 @ sainsbury's

£23£26 12% Sainsbury's Deals
Found 23rd Dec 2017
Imo the best vodka stocked by the big 4 supermarkets. sainsburys currently the best price and £3 cheaper than amazon. Great online reviews. Brother in law rates this stuff and he's a vodka man.
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Had it once, bit harsh on the throat from I can remember
Lovely smooth Vodka. Often down to £20 on Amazon but definitely worth the few extra £ if you're looking for something different as a gift
Remember the great days of 189kr to the £ when you could pick up a litre of this stuff for around £14 at Keflavik airport. My favourite vodka. Shame I don't drink anymore.
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