72 Hour Madness NOW ON! @ Boffer
72 Hour Madness NOW ON! @ Boffer

72 Hour Madness NOW ON! @ Boffer

Everytime an offer sells out it will be replaced with another, so its non stop for 72 hours.

Watch you don't break your F5 Key.


Polaroid 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with integrated weather station (Retail Boxed)
+£2.99 delivery

Sell out?? This one could be there for a while!!

****** 480 x 234 resolution on that one.

To follow these deals I recommend using an RSS reader and just set up the Boffer RSS feed. No need to keep checking the site, as new deals will automatically appear in your RSS reader. I use SharpReader.

From what I've seen on their site so far, I think my F5 key is safe.

I concur with NossB - my F5 key is also safe, in fact I am going to unsubscribe from their annoying mailing list.

Don't Bo(ff)(th)er ;-)

[COLOR="Red"]It's all tat and not even tat at good prices :whistling:[/COLOR]

i missed a very cheap ipod classic last night that i wanted. gone in seconds

Free worms at the moment. They just had a 2gb iPod nano for £19.99
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