720W Long Run Portable Generator  - £49.99 @ Aldi

720W Long Run Portable Generator - £49.99 @ Aldi

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Found 12th Mar 2007
This smooth running suitcase type generator offers a reliable power source in inaccessible areas. It is ideal for any number of uses including power tools, lighting, camping and other outdoor activities.

Maximum output: 720 watts
Minimum output: 650 watts
Fuel tank capacity 7.5 litres
Fuel type: 50:1 petrol/oil mix
Speed: 3,000rpm
Starting system: recoil (electronic ignition)
Alternator: brushless self-exciting
Overload circuit breakers: 1 × 230V and 1 × 12V DC
AC power output: 1 × 230V socket
DC power output: 12V battery charging
Charging lead and clips included
Noise: 2dB at 7 metres, LWA 85
Turbo frame mounted and supplied with carry handle
Front reading voltmeter
Weight 21.7kg
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cheap enough for a generator

what could one run off this? 14" portable tv?
Cant find it on web site

Cant find it on web site

its on the front page
quote - Noise: 2dB at 7 metres, LWA 85

I own a £600 honda eu10i which I paid £250 via free ads. It is claimed to be the quietest generator - hence the price which has the following spec
noise : 52dB(a) at 7m

Aldi should be shot for this typing error, they claim it is a smooth running suitcase type generator, they don't mention the word Quiet so it will be as noisy as hell

what could one run off this? 14" portable tv?

Yep, infact more or less anything upto 650W

Cant find it on web site

Try this direct web link


quote - Noise: 2dB at 7 metres, LWA 85

I think you'll find that should read 62dB ;-)

They are not that noisy, although obviously noiser than yours - remember they should be used outside to avoid the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Mind you I wouldn't be very happy if one was running outside a tent I was trying to sleep in.

cheap enough for a generator

Not particularly cheap; they had these last year with a standard size 4.2l tank for the same price and they ended up having to reduce them to £39.99 to clear them.
Possibly will need to do the same again this year

However I've not seen one like this before with the larger 7.5l tank, but I'm not sure whether it is really that useful as the standard 4.2l tank would last about 6 hours on one refill and it's not as though you can have this in the back of the van to fill up directly at the filling station as it is a 2 stroke and therefore needs a petrol/oil mix.

It is about 5Kg heavier than the usual ones too, possibly because of the extra tubular frame.

Anyone who wanted a cheap genny should have got one from B&Q about 6 weeks ago when they were clearing them at just £25.98 / £32.98 depending on store location
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