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75% off National Express Tickets for Prime Members (using Amazon Pay) from 24/11

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75% off National Express coach tickets for Amazon Prime members who check out with Amazon Pay. The offer will be live from 9am on 24 November until 4pm on 4 December 2023.

Prime members wanting to take advantage of the National Express offer can visit…31 from 9am GMT on Friday 24 November until 4pm on 4 December (or while stocks last), checking out with Amazon Pay. To find out more about Amazon Pay, head to Ts&Cs apply, travel period from 24 November 2023 - 31 January 2024, excludes travel on 25 and 26 December 2023.
Amazon More details at

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  1. sikiliza69's avatar
    Wonder if airport travel is excluded? ... Wish the travel period was extended past January 2024.. Good offer for those who will take advantage of it..
  2. Lloydinio's avatar
    Does this mean so can only travel between those dates to get a discount or I can buy discounted tickets for any date during those dates.
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    You will need to buy the tickets in the offer date, starting from 9am on 24 November until 4pm on 4 December. For the travel period 24 November 2023 to 31 January 2024, excludes travel on 25 and 26 December 2023.
  3. Chanchi32's avatar
    Nice, great offer
  4. W_Hosking's avatar
    Does say from the 24/11
  5. Hotter's avatar
    This is live — had to disable tracking protection in Edge to get Amazon pay embedded page to show to pay. Doesn’t show the price it’ll charge (poor design Amazon) but took the punt as it said discount applied and was buying cancellable tickets anyway.

    Saved £80 on a single booking. Thanks Op!! (edited)
  6. KamilTheDealHunter's avatar
    Thanks! Just saved 12 GBP
  7. jayzone1998's avatar
    Is it only 1 per amazon account. Just booked some and it worked, but subsequent ones aren't giving the discount
    Hotter's avatar
    Good info - half considered cancelling and rebooking to avoid the booking fee I accidentally paid (login to national express for no fee) but it’s so minuscule glad I didn’t bother.

    Good tip is you can add a second account to a Prime membership as a family member, perhaps a way to get a 2nd discount?
  8. nightmoon's avatar
    Please check the amazon url in the About the deal.
    Wade_Wilson's avatar
    What for?
  9. SN2011's avatar
    Just bought some tickets, this sounds like a great offer
  10. dumesy's avatar
    So is this Student accounts only? Thanks
    Wade_Wilson's avatar
    No. It’s available for all Prime members.
  11. azzap's avatar
    Any restrictions, ie. is this discount available on the cheapest non refundable tickets?
  12. ajayd24's avatar
    Is it 15% off or 75% off? Link takes you to an amazon page saying 15% but there's a green banner saying 75%?
  13. TiredParent's avatar
  14. bayhabourbutcher's avatar
    just looking at some of the journeys to towns near me eg from preston to lancaster & blackpool to preston & both have only 1 journey per day - one is late at night & the other is in the early hours so not really useable
  15. MemoryExport's avatar
    How do I use Amazon prime for National Express?
  16. safetycat's avatar
    Am i right in thinking this offer starts tomorrow and you can't book with this discount now?

  17. dappodan1's avatar
    Sparkdex's avatar
    I dont think the deal is live yet
  18. sdm_1985's avatar
    Not working for me
  19. dappodan1's avatar
    it charged my card the full amount i’m now having to call them.
    jayzone1998's avatar
    Did you go through amazon pay? If so it may be because you chose a route operated by a 3rd party (edited)
  20. tharinduasanka's avatar
    It worked for me. Saved £46 for the trip to London next week
  21. EagleBot's avatar
    Cracking deal, saved £50 on three trips next month. Does top out at three bookings though. Fourth booking had no Amazon pay discount. (edited)
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