75% OFF Photobook @ Mymemory
75% OFF Photobook @ Mymemory

75% OFF Photobook @ Mymemory

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Be gentle this is only my second post !! ;-)

This is a discount code to use on checkout Code : BIGDEAL 75% OFF
Im not sure if this applies to photos and calendars as well as photobooks

It will cost you as little as £3.00 Free Delivery


Many Thanks


Nice price. Free delivery?

Where on their site is it?

Original Poster

Sorry Forgot to mention that inportant info ;-) Free Delivery.

On the front page mymemory.com

not .co.uk


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gr8t find,im sure its there,its just i cant seem to find it?!...direct link maybe?

nice one,many thanks


Link is here:http://www.mymemory.com/en/products/photobooks


HTey have a 50% off on first order too, has anyone tried it yet?

Nice Find

Looks hot, was waiting for an offer like this (was hoping Photobox were going to do their 70% off a 90 page book again).

Does anyone know if the 70% is off the total price (i.e. if you add extra pages are they also 70% off), or is it just 70% off the base price and then all the extras are full price? Want to make quite a large book, don't want to spend ages making it to find its still going to cost a fortune!


does anyone know when is the code expired please?

thanks - heat added

Hot! Just ordered one for my sister and her wife for xmas, and it only cost me £7.50 for a hard back 26 page book!

Hot!!! works on diaries too- fantastic little xmas present. 75% of base price. so diary should have been £13.99 reduced to £3.50

Seems to work on anything - how long will this code last for?!
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Product Specifications - Square Photobook

* Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm
* Amount of pages: 20 - 100
* Book Styling: Wide choice of themes and layouts with a perfectly Bound 50gsm gloss cover.
* Paper Weight: Cover 350gsm - Internal pages 150gsm
* Price per extra page: £1.50

so if i made a photobook with 21 pages, would i be charged £1.50 for this extra page? or i will only be paying the same price unless i go over 100 pages?

can anyone advice please?

thanks in advance

where do I put the code please?

great deal thanks

Do we know when the voucher expires, please?


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i think the voucher will only last for a couple of days.
i will contact customer service and confirm

Thanks for the Heat all ;-)

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its coming up with invalid promotion code??

Don't forget quidco
10% for R4 products 4% for all sales

Has this expired? I am loading photos now

am I putting it in the wrong place?!

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this has not expired, i have just created mine Code is BIGDEAL

haha sorry realised i was putting the whole of it down including 75% off!! sorry!

Worked for me! £1.49 for 2 15 x 10" prints!

How do i pay with paypal? anyone done it?

only 1 order per account it just informed me
easy to make another one up tho!

Hi - is that one order or one item? Thanks

order as much as you like im guessing but once you've ordered and used the code you cant use the code again with that account if that makes sense?!

does anyone know how the quality is like?

could someone tell us about the quality when you have received yours please?


Great, ordered a 20 page book, 12 6 x 4 prints, 2 10 x 8 prints - £4.34 - Bargain!

Excellent, finally an excuse to make one of these photobooks, may have taken a while but was worth it...I hope cheers OP

Stuck on together but was going to do more. The time involved though is so laborious. Im quicker (but not cheaper) creating a book in InDesign than using the slow upload of this.

Great spot nonetheless, hopefully the quality is decent.

Thanks OP.

Thanks for that thought I had just wasted the last two hours uploading photos etc


this has not expired, i have just created mine Code is BIGDEAL


HTey have a 50% off on first order too, has anyone tried it yet?

You get 50% off your first order.

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Hi All,

This has now Expired.

This deal hasn't expired, I have been on the site all afternoon and just placed an order

is this site safe? i forgot my password and each time i put my email address in to send me my password it keeps saying invalid information?!

8pm Thursday: just ordered a calendar & a diary. 75% off the whole order. Nice job OP

@eye - sure it's safe. And if you're getting 'invalid info', I'm guessing that you haven't registered in the site. I just registered & ordered OK.
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This is NOT expired! I have just ordered now (2am Friday!) and it worked no problems. Although it has made me stay up until 2am sorting it! A slow process making a 50 page photo book! Two pointers:

- This 75% is off the final price, so any extras you add are also 75% off. I had 50 odd pages in my book, and the extra page supplement was also discounted. £11 for a 50 page book!
- You can add more than one item. My photobook was of a big holiday with friends. So I ordered 2 more, easy Birthday presents for them! The second two were also discounted. 3 Photo books for £33 rather than £132! I dont know if it would work for separate products (i.e. a calendar and a photobook) as I just increased the quantity on the one I'd made.

This is a very hot deal, and needs un-expiring!

EDIT: Just noticed in the My Account section, my order status is "Pending Review". Anyone know if this is normal? Seems odd? maybe it has expired, or maybe I can't have the deal for 3 items?
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