75% off Sainsburys camping equipment

75% off Sainsburys camping equipment

Found 26th Aug 2010
I found this while browsing another deal, for an out of stock camping cutlery/plate set. After a dig about I realised most of Sainsburys camping gear is 75% off, the best are listed here:

75% off tents:

75% off some accessories:

Sleeping bags:

I posted these in the other thread, but thought they'd be better seen as a seperate deal as not everyone needs plates but may want a tent.

EDIT: How do I make them links?
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Ah! Thanks for that, thought I was going mad. Tried every tag I could think of but nowt worked.

Just ordered a 2 man tent, a 4 man tent, 2x1 man cooksets, a gas cooker and an accessory kit for £37, happy days
Great stuff thanks rapidly selling out though now !
Yeah, most of the accessories gone now
There is still a few tents though.
always wanted one of those automatic air pumps! £2.50 cant complain.
Just had a shipping notification, that was quick!
A clear indicator summer is truly over
all "Out of stock" !
Soz mate, too slow. Was only the tents left really by about midday.
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