75% off sale at tesco.
75% off sale at tesco.

75% off sale at tesco.

I was in Tesco Extra, West Durrington, today and they had some excellent offers in an aisle devoted to 75% or more reductions:

GI Joe figures 98p
Star Trek figures 49p
Craft knives 25p
Toy power tools "JCB" £2.75
Cool bags £1.25

Too many to list individually

Apologies if this is a duplicate offer.


OOh I was at that Tesco today! Got the cool bag, good quality! Also got a small cork board and small white board for 9p each not great quality but hey it was only 9p! Also brought a blue shirt and tie set for £3 reduced from £6!

I say local,so good dealfor who ever can get itl

OOh Yeahh and the small football BBQ for £4!

I got - purple tissue 5p, blue wrapping paper roll, 20p, baby bio herb, 62p, cupcake tumbler 25p, coir door mat 1.69, 25 screwdrivers set, 75p, gift wrap sets 18p, & 20p, A5 box file 58p, 34 piece screwdriver set with bits that fit on 75p, pack of 2 dust sheets 25p, stripey mop 63p, I only went in for the beer and there were loads of aisles I didn't look in as dh was restless.

at Broadstairs
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Aaarrrrggghh that's my local Tesco and I'm confined to the house with a 9 week old puppy.

is it just that tesco or any others?

My tesco extra in exeter also has these on offer along with other toys, really really cheap, i would say it is deffo worth checking any tesco if your near one

Feel a trip to tesco coming on!! thanks
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