75 very easy Tesco clubcard points - just tell em your renewal dates

75 very easy Tesco clubcard points - just tell em your renewal dates

Found 28th Apr 2013
Follow the link, enter a renewal date (e.g. home insurance date? or even make up any random date). Enter your clubcard number with relevant name/address, and you'll get the points in your next statement or the one after. Converts to £3 in reward deals per account - great free easy points for those who collect them

Offer is available to existing Clubcard customers that add up to 3 Insurance renewal dates on this site before 21st May 2013. One offer of 75 points per customer
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Nightmare in the making...why do they want your renewal dates vs. how much is 75 points worth?
7.5p for grief?

Are you BONKERS!!!???
I did this when it was 100 points and haven't had a bit of spam from them yet. Just use a spare email if you're that worried! Also, 75 points is 75p which is up to £3 in deals. HOT.
thanks have just registered my households 3 cards so thats £2.25 back
£2:25 ..... cor .... I wouldn't pick my pen up .......
every little helps
Coooold, tried this in the past and it has never worked for me!
Cheers boss ...
Thanks OP
Saving my points for something good so every little helps
If you're worried about spam I was able to check and uncheck all boxes and submit the form then with no ticks (as a student I am too poor for a car, pet or nice home!) - Thanks!
Worth a try, eh?
I don't see the problem. They don't insist on a phone number so can only contact you by post or e-mail and the latter go straight into an e-mail address I only use for this sort of thing.
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