750g tub of Quality Street sweets £4 at Asda.

750g tub of Quality Street sweets £4 at Asda.

Found 12th Sep 2017
Bought from the Birchwood store at ASDA in Warrington, not sure if the deal is nationwide but seems reasonable, £4 for a 750g tub...

I was on my lunch but I'm going back for more. I would like to stock up for Christmas but everyone in this house has a sweet tooth so no chance of them lasting til Xmas!


Come back after November!

two for £7 in Tesco

From tomorrow in Tesco I believe

Nicks correct, Tesco from tomorrow xJay!

Decent price as I believe this is the normal price up until Christmas , so not a short term offer where you buy now and end up buying again before Christmas which is false economy .Just buy what you need when you need it.
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