750Gb Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive only £285 @ Maplin.

750Gb Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive only £285 @ Maplin.

Found 24th Oct 2006
This 750Gb Seagate External USB 2.0 Hard Drive is £299.99 from Maplin, but if you sign up to their newsletter (top right on homepage) you can get an extra £15 off this price, making it £285 including delivery. That works out at 38p per GB, not amazing, but if you need some kind of storage of this size, I think it's a good price.

Of course you could argue that you should buy a couple of 320GBs or 500GBs, but it depends what you want it for.


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It seems everybody needs more space these days! Save your videos, photos, music and downloads to this handly external drive and never worry about space again. This drive is selling like crazy so be quick as we will sell out soon.

• High speed USB 2.0
• Sleek elegant structure actually dissipates heat so they run much cooler than any other external drives
• Hot-swappable so you can connect and disconnect without turning off your computer
• 7200 RPM spin speed
• Masive 16MB cache on this 400GB model
• 350Gs non operating shock resistance
• Whisper quiet acoustics
• Push button backup
• Award winning Bounceback express software
• Diagnostic software included
• Approximate dimensions when horizontal: 7.125” D x 6.5” W x 2.25” H
• Approximate dimensions when vertical with pedestal: 7.125” D x 3” W x 6.75” H
• Weight: 2lb, 9.5oz

Fast, Versatile, High-Capacity Storage
This compact, durable drive is ideal for all your business and personal storage needs. You can easily protect and access everything from multimedia presentations and digital photos to MPEG video and DVDs.
Back up with the touch of a button. Award-winning BounceBack Express software from CMS backs up faster and easier than any other method.

• High-performance 7200-RPM drives, with 16-Mbyte cache.
• On/off button eliminates concerns that your hard drive hasn't been shut down safely.
• Built-in self-monitoring technology continuously checks your hard drive for data safety and drive performance.
• Advanced software lets you quickly retrieve files.
• Designed to run much cooler than other external drives.
• Hot-swappable, so you can connect and disconnect without turning off your computer.
• Complete with USB 2.0 cable, AC adapter and power cord, quick installation guide and backup software CD

Mad money!! Your right, some 320s or 500s would definitely be better value! Unless you have a 700gig file you gotta back up lol.

I'd deffo wait until this comes down in price (which it will when larger HDDs become more commonplace). Not a great deal IMHO. 2x 300GB HDDs would be cheaper I think.
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