7.5kg  potatoes £2 @ farmfoods

7.5kg potatoes £2 @ farmfoods

Found 21st Jan 2014
Went for the eggs, cane back with a sack of potatoes too
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- splender
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You making Spanish omelette?
Anybody know the variety of the potatoes, date picked and name of farmer and picker?
Yes. Maris Piper, 6/01/13, Palmer and Birat Mczkowasaka.
just in Carlisle, saw the deal, but sold out!!!!

You making Spanish omelette?

Or egg and chips?!
Saw this yesterday, but didn't have the room in house to store them.
Bought loads of the frozen veg on 3 for £2. Ideal for the freezer.
They also had mccoys crisps for 99p, lots of flavours.
I also got 8 tins of tomato soup for £3.
Great shop, the one by me is always empty.

Maris Piper or Estima varieties
Wow, amazing price. If I did the voting stuff here Id give you heat.
They are Saxon potatoes, "display until 28/01/14"
This deal has not expired, check your facts i am still buying them
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