7dayshop Tripods - The "SUPER-HERO" Action Mini-Tripod from only £3.49 Delivered @ 7dayshop
7dayshop Tripods - The "SUPER-HERO" Action Mini-Tripod from only £3.49 Delivered @ 7dayshop

7dayshop Tripods - The "SUPER-HERO" Action Mini-Tripod from only £3.49 Delivered @ 7dayshop

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Just been having a look at found what seems to be gorillapod lookalikes and 7dayshop are giving you a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren't happy with it. Can't really argue with that.

Seems like a cracking price, a fraction of what you'd pay for one of those Gorillapods.


This bendy rubberised leg and super grippy tripod is a really useful device to have on you travels both home and away. Allows you to place, position and hang your camera in areas never thought possible and where no mere mortal tripod would dare go - Please see the "more images" button to get the idea of just how versatile the 7dayshop SUPER-HERO is !!

Use a branch, a fence, a pole, rain gutter, a car window edge a door handle etc. It's happy to sit on a flat or un-even surface or hook over/onto or wrap around almost anything it can. You name it our new "Super-Hero" mini-tripod gets into the action fast and is quickly and easily adjusted to give you the best possible shooting angle - Try something unique and be more creative with our amazing SUPER-HERO !

Sturdy and solid its ideal for self portraits and close up-work etc. Especially popular because it is so lightweight and portable. Ideal for travel and can be carried in a pocket or easily fits in a camera bag or handbag etc.
This superb mini-tripod is ideal for use with compact and digital cameras as well as (maybe) some lighter weight SLR's. Very versatile and lightweight. Use for close up work and low level shooting etc. Bendy and grippy wire legs allow lots of manipulation to achieve the perfect camera position - Simply Brilliant !

Very quick and easy to fit or remove (removable camera plate with bayonet quick lock/release thumb switch.
SUPER-HERO measures 20cm fully extended - Gives a working height of up to approx. 16cm
Standard tripod screw fitting (fits 99.9% of all cameras) with quick release mounting plate with rubberised and non-scratching camera pad

Rotational rubber feet give extra grip on most surfaces
Weighs just 115 grams
Superb build quality, Full 1 year warranty
Please buy with Complete Confidence - We offer a 60 day money back if not 101% delighted - send it back if you want no problem at all !!

Please Note: Whilst this is a very sturdy and well built unit we would generally only recommended it for compact or meduim sized cameras and small DV camcorders - that is not to say that it couldn't be used with heavier digital SLR's but at your own risk please - We can take no responsibility for your own SUPER-HERO antics and loss or damage to your equipment !!


Have one of these. They're only Gorillapod 'lookalike' if you have dodgy eyesight and look from a very great distance. That said, they do a job and OK for the price.

Just got mine :-) Thanks

Does it fly or save the world?

Nice cheap bendy tripod, I bought one for £3.99 just the other month and it's fine it bends and grips. Unlike the more expensive Gorilla pod it is made from rubber coated plastic rather than having a ring of rubber on each segment. The only thing to watch is the "quick release" on the mounting plate. It is quite easy to accidentally release this causing your camera to fall to the floor - mine landed in nice soft grass about six inches from a fast flowing stream!
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i got a mini tripod in a cracker at xmas... useful but i wudnt intentionally pay for one

wouldn't really put an expensive camera on one of these lol

Definately worth the (considerably) extra cost for a 'proper' Gorillapod for frequent use, but these are fine as a webcam or flashgun support - and suitably bent as a support for an internet tablet!

I got one of these a few months ago (for same price I think) to go with my mini camcorder (creative vado)
Does the job fine especially if you don't own a tripod - is a bit hard getting it to grip and balance in all situations but for the price is fine and it's very useful to have for filming but for awkward places you will struggle to get a straight photo.
Just depends how professional you are - for me this is great and I would get a cheap regular tripod to go with it for normal uses.

these are all available at the moment, prices a bit cheaper, with the black and white one at £2.99
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