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'Blossoms - Cool Like You' and others £5 first week of release @ 7Digital
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
For anyone old enough to want to own their music collection but young enough to know CDs are a dead format. Weekly deals from 7Digital. Reduced price for the first week of many to… Read more
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I hugely agree with you about streaming services. Just purchase an album a month and you'll have a quality collection for life! Sort out a decent NAS and you're away. I'm with you on the resolution too and normally refuse to pay for the "higher" quality downloads but for this price I can't complain.


16 bit FLAC for £7.99 is comparable to CD rather than 320mbps mp3. Good price for either version though. I'm another of those CD purchasers who doesn't own a CD player - just rip them to FLAC and play from a NAS. I'm too old to accept streaming services (the idea of not actually own the music is terrifying!) but there's no need for physical formats (I'm happy with CD or download - whichever is cheaper!). I just wish they'd do higher res files than CD standard. 30 years ago when some of us were resisting the switch from CD to vinyl we never thought CD would be held up as the standard for music format.


I don't do download-only music purchasing but heat added for the deal and I'll grab the CD elsewhere. (y)


Me too. I do most of my music listening in the car and my last two cars have not had a CD payer!


One added from me.

Radiohead OKNOTOK MP3 £4.99 at 7 Digital
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Radioheads 20th Anniversary classic album re-mastered with extra tracks. Released today. The 16bit version is £7.99 (Or get the CD version from Base.com for £8.99)

If anything like Glastonbury I'd forget it Have they ever had a real hit, I can't remember of any signature tunes


Back to 8.99 are extra tracks that good worth buying again?




Ah sorry, I thought this was yogurt.


is that a cryptic message??

Grandaddy - Last Place - £4.99 MP3 album @ 7digital
Found 5th Mar 2017Found 5th Mar 2017
(website details) For a 14-year stretch running from 1992, Grandaddy cemented their status as cult heroes of the Californian alt-rock scene with their off-kilter, melodic melanchol… Read more

Bought the CD direct from PledgeMusic. Looking forward to seeing them live.


Agree. Heat.


brilliant album

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Ed Sheeran - Divide 320mbps download £4.99 at 7Digital
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
Decent Price for the new album *320kbps - Lloydinio

I love Galway girl track .... it's a good album but can't understand why someone would pay 4.99 digital when 10 Spotify gets you so much more if you enjoy music...... Spotify is my life



My Parents would have been so pleased if I listened to Ed Sheeren back in the day. I mean, he hangs out with James Blunt. This is all far too sensible. I really can't see the appeal either, to the millennials. God help you as you get older, if you are this conformist now. It's so, so sensibly boring. You'll turn into the same people that think humans never make mistakes, and will want to fine everyone £200 for even touching a mobile phone while stuck in traffic, because they are bored and phone fiddling, or £100 fines, agreeing with blanket cameras everywhere 24/7 for 'speeding' at 78mph+ on empty motorways in the middle of the night, come rain or shine. In essence, you'll likely turn out just like Theresa May with authoritarian credentials, "head clipping" everyone in line of sight. I'd be so despressed if my kid grows up to like this happy clappy music, knowing he'd drift into obscurity of blandness. Just remember the generation before you doesn't always know best, in what it forces on you, especially in terms of music.


'So I'll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum. When I fell down you'd be there holding me up. Spread your wings as you go. And when God takes you back. He'll say Hallelujah, you're home'. Ha ha ha. Supermarket Flowers is poetry. But, like, really really bad teen poetry.


it's not stealing, it's borrowing! :p

Elbows seventh album Little Fiction just out today, 3 Feb and only £4.99 on 7digital.com normally £7.99
Found 3rd Feb 2017Found 3rd Feb 2017
Just got an email to say Elbows seventh album little called Little Fiction, which is only just out today, 3 Feb is reduced to £4.99 on 7digital.com. Normally it would be £7.99 for … Read more

I tried to get tickets to Apollo too, sold out but got BST in July instead. Never seen them, can't wait, The Killers and White Lies are quality too. Can't wait! A bit envious though. Enjoy!


Listening to it as I type this. So far it is characteristically lovely. Going to see them at the Hammersmith Apollo in March!


They have other albums reduced too, do every week, but only for a limited time. Here's the link: https://www.7digital.com/features/VOb9xiYAACcAZGhR/deals-of-the-week

Pete Tong Classic House digital download album £3.99 320kbps or £5.99 FLAC @7Digital
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Was debating which album to get for Google Play 50% deal, and saw this was much cheaper than other download sites. Better still to get a FLAC copy! Saw this live and loved it, and… Read more

Shame it's cold as I didn't find a better price for this! If there is I would love to know where for future reference!


That's exactly why I do like it. I'm also a fan of Pete Townshend's Classic Quadrophenia. It's not to do with who's associated with it, rather the music itself and the interpretation of it. Trance music works particularly well when switching to an orchestral style as it's primarily got no vocals but some very strong melodies - the polar opposite of much music currently on offer.


Really don't like this album. It's almost just a set of songs, covered by an orchestra. If PT name wasn't associated with it no one would buy it.


Great album and saw it live at Manchester Arena a couple of weeks back. Insomnia was incredible! Already bought tickets for standing room next year :)


it is a great album, well worth a look

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Metallica's New Album released today £4.99 at 7 Digital (standard version)
Found 18th Nov 2016Found 18th Nov 2016
8 years since the last album and like what ive heard so far. This is standard version only and for those who pay for music ;)
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How will Lars pay for his gold taps?


Yea im a ****.. title track released today only. I got excited over nothing, and quite annoyed when I couldn't find it on spotify. Ill just have to listen to the new Devilment album which definitely is out today (and very good on first listen). In other news, my Kreator tix for March 2nd arrived in the post yesterday :)


Yeah I got excited then but you're right, it's end of Jan. Just the single that's been released today


Spit out the Bone. I'm very much one of those 'they've done nothing great since the 80's' types but this song changed all that for me. I must have listened to it over 15 times already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m46Z0-HXySo


whats the song name ?

Zoom - The Best of Super Furry Animals (new release) 37 Songs for £4.99 at 7Digital
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
A brilliant mix, at a great price. (thats if you pay for your music ;) )

Heat! I love this band and £5 for this collection is a steal for those looking to discover SFA.


brilliant band and album - have all the tracks seperately but well worth another purchase :-)


Great Band


I will have a Free listen on Spotify/Deezer or Kodi later then decide if to purchase later! Thanks op. Good price BTW

Lady Gaga new album Joanne -  £5.99  @ 7digital
Found 21st Oct 2016Found 21st Oct 2016
New album just released today. £9.99 on Amazon and everywhere else. If 2014’s Tony Bennett collaboration failed to convince fans that present-day Stefani Germanotta is more inter… Read more

$3.99 on Amazon.com if that means anything to anyone; sure is to me as I am currently investigating it. :)


She's a has been , her ability to outrage exceeded her musical talent long ago and this album is no groundbreaker

Green Day - New Album £4.99 at 7 Digital
Found 7th Oct 2016Found 7th Oct 2016
Probably not everyones cup of tea, and im sure people might get this some other way, but if you BUY your digital music, this will probably be the best deal. Also 16bit version £7.9… Read more
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I love '86, and I'm not sure why. It wasn't a single or anything, just something about it resonated with the teenage me. The best song he's ever written/co-written is still this though.


Still no love for Kerplunk? It's the first album I heard from them, before Dookie exploded, and it's got their raw energy and cheekiness all over.


Haha, I've not resorted to crying over a GD album yet! 86 is an absolute stormer! One of my favourite live performances... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m8ql3nQPuM


Totally. They can't stay the same forever, imagine being in a band for approaching 30 years writing, recording and performing nearly the exact same tunes over and over. You'd lose your minds. The amount of vitriolic hatred that was spewed when American Idiot was released, for example, was mental. I think it's just fans being bitter that Green Day were back in the mainstream after the relatively quiet "Warning" years until 2004 when American Idiot came out. American Idiot was a genius album though. I will say - as much as I adore the band - there is one song I loathe. That I'd genuinely be content with never hearing again. 21 Guns. My god it's a steaming pile of turd of a track and the autotune in it was foul!


I've always liked it, it's probably my favourite thinking about it. An old girlfriend cried one Christmas because it wasn't "anything like Dookie" which she loved. I hope she's seen the light now, '86' and the 'Brainstew/Jaded' combo are the tits.

The Avalanches - Wildflower (2nd Album released today) - £4.99 - 7digital.com
Found 8th Jul 2016Found 8th Jul 2016
This is the (very) long awaited second album from The Avalanches which was released today. The cheapest price I can find it for after this is £6.99
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listened to it on Spotify and really feeling it ... thats a good price if buyings your thing


Can't wait for this. I loved Since I Left You, and everything I've heard from the new album sounds good so far.


Wow only 16 years after their debut album!! It ought be good after taking that long to finish!! oO

New richard ashcroft mp3 album, £4.99, download @ 7digital
Found 26th May 2016Found 26th May 2016
Excellent price for new release mp3 album. Brilliant album from former verve frontman.

Great price although it's not as good as I hoped. There are some decent tracks though, I just wish they hadn't released the first two songs before the album came out as I've listened them into the ground!

Michael Jackson - HIStory  24/96 digital download - Technics tracks
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
A brilliant double LP of the king of pop . In glorious FLAC 24-bit 96kHz and a bargain price of £12.99 Tracklist . HIStory Begins –Michael Jackson Billie Jean 4:54 –Michae… Read more
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Cool story bro.


The civil case was dropped after the settlement but the police investigation was continued and later rejected because it wasn't deemed credible to go to trial. There was simply no evidence. Too many people believe he bought himself out of jail (based on misleading journalism) by paying a civil settlement but that's not how the law works.


A kid who had tried the same thing on many other celebrities first.


Not if its crap like Michael Jackson or spout verbal rubbish on here like a troll. Oh I have over 500 Vinyl with a lynn Sondek player so stop Trolling

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way 24/96 digital hi-res download from technics
Found 12th May 2016Found 12th May 2016
Classic red Hot Chili Peppers album in 24/94 digital download from the technics music site :- 1. By The Way 3:37 2. Universally Speaking 4:18 3. This Is The Place 4:17 4… Read more

No idea. I'll look into what you mentioned. Cheers


Is the ​iphone still rocking 16bit ? Best way is foobar through your pc/laptop hdmi to your home cinema


I'm new to this hi-res audio. How do I play it? Through iPhone? Or PC/laptop? Love both of these album, if hi-res audio makes them sound better, I'm in!


I believe there is / were problems with loudness levels on Californication. Personally, I think it sounds ok on my CD / mp3 versions. But I would be interested to know if these 24/94 tracks are radically different or better?


Practically no-one can tell the difference between 24/96 and 16/44. You can get the CD from Amazon for £2.98 - save your money and get that instead.

POLIÇA - United Crushers (320kbps .mp3 digital download) £4.99 @ 7digital.com
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
Not my kind of music, but this album is very recent (only came on 4th March) and is currently £7.99 on iTunes (256 kbps) , £9.99 on CD at Amazon (1411 kbps), £9.99 on Google Play (… Read more
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Thanks! Handnt heard they had a new album coming out - will grab this. Jools Holland pronounced it simply Police-ah (as in A cup of tea or A ball. Not as in "Ah... that was nice" am I just confusing things now :p ) when they were on 'Later.....'


Hot from me, loved the previous album. Always afraid of saying the name aloud for fear of mispronunciation though :3

The Kinks Download £3.49 @ 7digital
Found 27th Dec 2015Found 27th Dec 2015
Great price for a career spanning collection of Kinks' mp3s.
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Ta much. Such a bargain. Got about half this but at this price ud b a fool to resist! :-)


Heat (_;)


One of the top 5 all time bands, in company with the Beatles, Stones Led Zeppelin and to a slightly lesser extent the Who

The Libertines - Anthems For Doomed Youth (Released Today) - £4.99 (7digital)
Found 11th Sep 2015Found 11th Sep 2015
As with the Richard Hawley deal that I've just posted, this seems like a bargain price for an album that was only released today.
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Me neither in truth. I knew they'd been playing together on and off for the past couple of years but I only knew when I spotted it now looking for Richard Hawley.


Brilliant, I didn't even know this was due out. Nice to see they are back on tour, unfortunately nowhere near me :(