7ft 6In Vail Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree - £15 @ B&Q

7ft 6In Vail Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree - £15 @ B&Q

Found 15th Dec 2015
From £97.00 to £15.00


******£15 online exclusive price. Hurry, whilst stocks last. Discount applied at checkout******

THIS DEAL HASNT ENDED! Just brought one 2 minutes ago!
- smudge92
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Can't get passed the payment stage on the B&Q website for some reason.Getting Error:Session not found when I try to continue.
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Here is the link to all there online price cut deals
just what I wanted thank you :-)
bargain ordered glad that pathetic studio 54 cancelled my fibre tree.
I have to sit on my hands! This is a good bargain but I'm skint!
Ordered fantastic
thank you heat given and free click and collect
Awesome deal and great reviews.
Great deal thanks op
I'd rather have hinged, but at £15 with decorations included, you can hardly complain.
Excellent find OP. Have some heat.
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Brilliant find!
Saw these last week, and the week before - When we bought our 'current' tree!
Ordered.......Just need to explain to the wife why we need a second tree oO
Got the Meribel 6ft6in pre lit one, pre-decorated one here is great value,. just fancied the other one... heaty!
Thanks, ordered the 6'6" pre-lit one for £15
Ordered - Oh Yes! Thank you.
Ordered, thanks!
great ordered one! heat added
just bought one from argos for £12.50 it's going back great deal
Don't forget Cashback
That's a nice price! thanks OP.
Superb deal. Have some heat. Thanks OP.
Does anyone know why the Meribel pre lit deal was marked as spam?
Awesome deal. Ordered. Thank you very much op!
Pick it up tomorrow thanks
Bought this tree a few years ago and it really is a lovely full tree, would recommend everyone to buy, amazing price!
As its popular I'm waiting for the cancellation email!
What fantastic timing. Our current tree was showing its age so we planned to pick one up in the sales (for next year). An early Christmas present X)
must be the best xmas tree deal out there!

I have to sit on my hands! This is a good bargain but I'm skint!

I'm with you!
Ordered thanks op
Hmmmmm ...... I am not convinced I'd go back to a tree that was not pre-lit or that was pre-decorated. I find lights a pain but we have numerous decorations that we really like and add to them year on year.
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Does anyone know why the Meribel pre lit deal was marked as spam?

Not sure, but the order wouldn't process for me. Rang them and ordered it over the phone though. £20 delivered for a pre-lit tree is a steal. Now, how to break it to the missus that her hard work at the weekend was a bit of a waste of time!
Ordered the Pre-lit one....Thanx...HEAT added
Thanks so much for finding this deal,our tree is very old and showing its age so needed a new one that actually looks like a tree. Ordered one for us and one for my parents. Very happy
Best find OP. Great timing too ! :-) Heat added, clicked plenty times on HOT button for you :-)
This deal shall be boiling soon!
Ordered! Thx OP. Had hoped to get a tall tree last year in the post Xmas sales but couldn't find any deals. You just helped sort us out! Hope it's as good as the reviews suggest, but definitely a hot price!
super. ta
Got one - this has to be one of the best deal for a tree around. Have some heat.

Does anyone know why the Meribel pre lit deal was marked as spam?

i thought this post was for the meribel one hence my earlier comment about spamming. It keeps appearing then getting expired I guess by part time dealers hoping to buy a few to flog on.

Or they just want a cheap tree!!
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