7kg bag of charcoal briquettes reduced to £3 @ B&Q

7kg bag of charcoal briquettes reduced to £3 @ B&Q

Found 23rd Aug 2014
7kg of Diall (B&Q parent company own brand) briquettes reduced to £3. 7kg of lumpwood charcoal reduced to £4. Not available online. Pallet loads to be seen in Redditch, so I am guessing it's a national deal.

Hope for an Indian summer, stock up for next year or be adventurous and BBQ the Xmas turkey - whichever you choose it's something to use in those bargain B&Q Webers that you bought.


Blimey, someone likes their bangers well done!

Cheers for the post. Just bought 4 bags in my local. I cook all year round in my Weber as long as the weather's not bad. Any excuse!

got some last year when they went cheap.
will do the same this year.

I use a full bag everytime I fire up the ugly drum smoker for a 14 hour cook

Now that's what I call a budget cremation!

I'm pretty sure these were the same price a few months back. Can't remember though which is kind of embarrassing considering I bought 20 bags in total! Must have been a good price.

The lumpwood 7kg are £4 and I think the 4 pack of easy light charcoal are £4 too


This is gonna get hot!

Not national full price in Neath store

this world is gonna burn....

good deal- if not a b&q close they are 2 x 7kg bags in lidl for £4
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