7up cans 10p in store only! @ Home Bargains

7up cans 10p in store only! @ Home Bargains

Found 14th Dec 2016
7up single cans from home bargains stores.
Got mine from leigh/Wigan store


These are the "mojito" flavoured cans. Rather unpleasant taste if you ask me.

yeah it's like cheap toothpaste this isn't a bargain unless you've no taste buds

Already been posted

snow whites fave drink

Cheap but putrid

absolutely awful flavour at least I only spent 10p finding out.....heat for the price only

mouthwash flavour! yuk!

I would rather drink six razor blades from a paper cup

Bought 15 of these when I was in the other day, had one mouthful oOoOoO
My god what an awful flavour!!!

Thought it was a good buy until I tasted it. It's disgusting! Couldn't drink more than a sip.
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