7up Mojito 330ml can 10p @ Home bargains

7up Mojito 330ml can 10p @ Home bargains

Found 1st Dec 2016
Just found a load of these Homebargains Warrington (Birchwood) No idea what they taste like but 10p is a bargain.
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Presumably like Mojito?
Saw these in 500ml bottles on holiday for 35p each, brought 20. Kids all spat them back out and ended up throwing them all away.

Great price if you like them though.
And one that defies gravity...
Thought this was a novelty doorknob by the picture.
Like mojito in name only, it's quite vile.
Bought two bottles when they were on offer for a BBQ in the summer.
Ended up purring both down the sink, diabetes in a bottle.
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Well we like them! Like 7up with a minty taste! Bought a case for £2.40
They are ok sugar free btw@thedvdmonster taste a bit like you've brushed your teeth then drank some 7up free! oO
been this price for a week now I think, they've definitely been posted anyway. picked up 24 in Pontefract today.
Wonder if the person that came up with / approved this gross flavour still works for them?
Isnt mojito an alcoholic drink oO
Just tried one and i think it's ok? Drinkable certainly.

Isnt mojito an alcoholic drink oO

Not when it's 'non-alcoholic'
These are sugar free so what do expect ADHD(_;)

Been buying the 2ltr ones from Asda for £1 for months. This certainly works out cheaper. They are also a good base to make an alcoholic Mojito, just add some white rum, then if you have any To hand some fresh mint.
Mire Mare

These are sugar free so what do expect ADHD(_;)MM

Goes ridiculously well with vodka.
Wasn't this posted over a week ago?
Worst drink I've ever tasted. Like someone has spat mouthwash into a 7up can.
Disgusting drink. Got a fair few when they were handed out free. Poured down sink.
Already posted
Why does the link take you to a US realtor website?? although... 3 bed houses for $9,000 those are the real bargains!
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What does mojito taste like
Having read the comments, obv personal preference.
I love these nice "adult" soft drink imo
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