8-Bit Bayonetta - free on Steam.

8-Bit Bayonetta - free on Steam.

Found 1st Apr 2017
Found this here: Destructoid

SEGA’s favourite Umbran Witch climaxes her way onto PC in pixelated retro glory – for free!


* Jumping!
* Double jumping!
* Shooting!
* Scoring!
* Achievements!
* Wicked chip-tune Bayonetta theme song!

For gratis, you can't go wrong!
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April fools courtesy of Sega. hoping this is going to be followed by the real Bayonetta games being released on Steam..
Gameplay looks reeaaally naff.
Is it me or could this be a great ghosts n goblins clone with parallax scrolling.

Gameplay looks reeaaally naff.

It's an april fools, not a serious game. The "naff" gameplay is part of the joke.
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Nice April fool, wish it was the ghosts n goblins :-( that is looks like
Looks more 16bit to me...
8 bit bayonetta has been a recurring April fool from Sega for the last few years
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