8 Books For £8.99 Delivered - Louise Rennison Collection (Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson - RRP £47.92)
8 Books For £8.99 Delivered - Louise Rennison Collection (Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson - RRP £47.92)

8 Books For £8.99 Delivered - Louise Rennison Collection (Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson - RRP £47.92)

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8 books for £8.99

Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging
'It's OK, I'm wearing really big knickers!'
'Knocked out by my nunga-nungas.'
'Dancing in my nuddy-pants!'
'...and that's when it fell off in my hand.'
'...then he ate my boy entrancers.'
'...startled by his furry shorts!'
'Luuurve is a many trousered thing...'

Louise Rennison's hilariously brilliant confession of Georgia Nicholson have earned themselves a huge fan base and a deserved place on the bestseller's list. Now the first in the series , Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging, is due to make it's cinema debut this summer with the title Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and is sure to send a whole new host of fans flocking to the bookshops. Here is your chance to own the complete adventures so far, right up to the most recent 'Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing...' Prepare to laugh out loud and - teenagers beware - prepare to lose these books to your mum!

This is a saving of £28.93 from the RRP. Don't forget to use Quidco. 8 books for £8.99

To clarify, my girlfriend alerted me to this, i didn't personally want them myself; one for the girls this i think.

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Fantastic deal!

what a great deal:thumbsup: but my daughter has all them books and loved them cost me a arm and leg:x heat added

:thumbsup: Great find - thanks

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Seen this deal about a week ago now but stupidly forgot to post it here on HUKD. The books arrived today which is what reminded me so a word of warning, everyone who thinks this is a good deal and wants to buy them should do so soon because they may not be on offer for much longer.

great deal, and demand should be high now that the film is on wide release :thumbsup:

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I've not seen the film, seems a bit teen girl for my liking. My girlfriend will probably want to watch it with me though.

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Turns out i may have been slightly wrong in my description, this offer is STILL on. I thought it would have gone by now. Anyone actually bought them? I decided to read them myself; it's about the gayest thing i've decided to do all year but what the hell.

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I've attached a new free delivery code to this meaning that the whole thing (all 8 books) are now only £8.99 delivered.


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