8 Cans of 7up Free (Sugar Free) for 99p! (just over 12p per can) @ 99p Store

8 Cans of 7up Free (Sugar Free) for 99p! (just over 12p per can) @ 99p Store

Found 20th Aug 2009
They are selling packs of 8 cans (6 cans + 2 FREE) for 99p!

Works out at 12.375p per can!

Just been back into the 99p store in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and they had stacks of cans of 7up Free (sugar free) next to the Tango (also 8 pack for 99p). This should also be nationwide (although stocks at individual stores may vary). Not sure if this applies to regular 7up also at some stores but they only had Diet in Newcastle

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For those who missed the Tango deal...
Thanks will take a look at my local.
are they out of date?
can confirm picked some up couple days ago, hot
Limited to 2 packs per customer :thumbsup:

Also, the Tango is the Orange and the Apple variety.
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are they out of date?

No they're not out of date, lol. The Tango had dates of December 2009, can't remember about the 7up
At least these don't have aspartame in (yet)!

HOT deal.
That's mega cheap... this should be way hotter!
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