8 Cans of Tango for 99p! (just over 12p per can) @ 99p Store - Orange and Apple Flavours

8 Cans of Tango for 99p! (just over 12p per can) @ 99p Store - Orange and Apple Flavours

Found 18th Aug 2009
They are selling packs of 6 cans + 2 FREE (and also selling the 4 packs for the same price! lol)

Works out at 12.375p per can

They said in store said that this should be nationwide

Just picked up a couple of packs of the orange from the one in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, they had quite a lot there of both Orange and Apple. Best before dates December 2009.
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Fantastic deal, will pop in and have a look.

Very hot, heat added!
Good price, naff drink! (IMHO)
Would've been super hot but unfortunately they've ruined tango by filling it with aspartame.
Was just about to say the same thing. Almost all soft drinks seem to have it in nowadays. I'm glad Asda won the court case when the manufacturer tried to stop them calling it nasty.
Was just about to say the same thing about aspartame. It really is "nasty" stuff!! I avoid anything that's got it in. Companies prey on the fact that 90% of the popution either don't know about ingrediants like aspartame or even care,

Does anyone know what year Britvic began using aspartame in Tango? It used to be my favourite fizzy orange before that.
you know when you've been tangoed
What is aspartane???????????????

What is aspartane???????????????

Artificial sweeteners, dont listen to these guys, Tango's tastes just as good now as it always has.

What is aspartane???????????????

From WikiPedia

A 2007 safety evaluation found that the weight of existing scientific evidence indicates that aspartame is safe at current levels of consumption as a non-nutritive sweetener.[2] Some sources of claims regarding postulated aspartame dangers and conspiracies have been the subject of critical examination.[27] In 1987, the U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded that the food additive approval process had been followed for aspartame.[22][28] Based on government research reviews and recommendations from advisory bodies such as the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, aspartame has been found to be safe for human consumption by more than ninety countries worldwide.[29][30] In 1999, FDA officials described the safety of aspartame as "clear cut" and stated that the product is "one of the most thoroughly tested and studied food additives the agency has ever approved."[31]
Please do your own research on Aspartame before you drink it, or even worse, feed it to your children. It has a terrible history and a long list of side effects. Probably helps Big Pharma sell lots of medication though.
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