8 Cup Cafetiere - Purple-Homebase was £7.99 now ONLY £3.93!!  Reserve and Collect.

8 Cup Cafetiere - Purple-Homebase was £7.99 now ONLY £3.93!! Reserve and Collect.

Found 16th Jan 2014
Quite a bit of stock, reserve and collect or home delivery charges apply. Just managed to pick up 2 at my local Homebase. Only this colour reduced the other colours are full price!
Really handy as broke my one this morning and needed ASAP to have my coffee fix!

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with this 8 Cup Cafeteria - Purple.
Material: Polypropylene, plastic and glass.
Dimensions: (H)110, (W)110, (D)230mm.
Colour: Purple.
Capacity: 1000ml.
Dishwasher safe: No.
Safety details: Keep out of reach of children.
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Sorry link doesnt seem to work, try the one above or just searh for it on the site! :-)
Heh. Cafeteria.
You'd struggle to fit many people in that cafeteria...
I picked a red one up from asda for 50p

Refuse to purchase from company with poor attention To detail

typical! been looking for a minimum of a 4 cupper, and picked one up in sainsburys last week for £6. worth getting for a gift to someone or for the office
Great price. I wonder if the glass is a standard Bodum size? At this price it's cheaper than buying the replacement glass!

What is this
Damn you autocorrect!!!

What is this

It's one of the easiest ways to make real coffee. It's a jug made from toughened glass and there's a metal seive on a push rod which fits inside. Americans, who drink a lot of filter coffee, often call this way of making coffee "French". You put some coffee grounds in the jug; add boiling water and put the top on with the plunger fully up. (You can warm the jug and plunger with boiling water first if you like your coffee hot). After a minute or two you slowly push the plunger down and that pushes all the loose coffee grounds to the bottom. You can then pour the coffee off. Capacity is 8 "cups" which is about 4 mugs (small mugs or full mugs topped up with milk). The smaller 2 or 4 cup ones are better if you are making for yourself or just you and a friend. Because the coffee steeps in the hot water it is generally slightly stronger than filter coffee, but not as strong as espresso. I used to work in an office with 3 others and we used to run our own coffee club taking it in turns to make a daily special using one of these. :-)
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Thanks! Perfect for sprouting seeds.

Thanks! Perfect for sprouting seeds.

Really?! How do you do that then, would be interested to know as looking to sprout some Alfa Alfa and the like.
Easy peasy.

Stick them in there, half fill with water, then put in the plunger (above the water line) and give a good swirl to wash the seeds. Then pour that water out.

Then cover the seeds with water (plunger can be partly in) and leave for 12ish hours to soak.

Then put the plunger down again so that you can drain off the water and give them a rinse, again putting down the plunger so you don't loose the seeds.

Then every morning and evening (at least) put water in, swirl it around, and use the plunger to help you drain them.

After a few days you should have perfect sprouts!

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.....
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