8 Extra Spins on the NowTV giveaway

8 Extra Spins on the NowTV giveaway

Found 30th Aug 2013
You can get 3 extra spins with the NOWTV giveway:


5 more spins with:


Big thanks to korinarose4366 for adding this code.
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not working for me
It works thanks.
24 spins and nothing, typical sky.
Edited by: "ili" 30th Aug 2013
I won a draw string bag....woo hooo!! lol
Isn't working for me

Going round in a loop "Having trouble connecting, click here".....
Got a draw string bag. Ta
worked, thank you!
Worked thanks!
Not connecting with facebook?

Not connecting with facebook?

Working but won nothing
worked thx .....no wins !!
Won a NOW TV Boot Bag using the code, Thanks
Also in the last week won 2 Water Bottles.
Working and won 3 times!!!
Won a Football Yesterday.
worked but did not win anything
8 spins and nothing.. pfftt
Took a few presses for it to load but once loaded worked fine
Won a baseball cap, cheers
21 spins and won nothing
8 spins and won a draw string bag on the first spin
Draw string bag. Thanks OP
Won a football shirt thanks op
worked, but won sod all
No win for me.
NOWTV code did not work for me ...I guess it has expired ?
21 spins so far and nothing. What a con.

21 spins so far and nothing. What a con.

It worked for me 2 mins ago
So you need crapbook then ?

Cold !
Won a football shirt. Thanks.
They post on your fb
Dont give up guys, I been playing for 10 days and on my 7th day I won the TV!
worked but no win
Didn't win but code worked, thanks! =]
Code: Z002D4Y will give you 5 more spins =]

Code: Z002D4Y will give you 5 more spins =]

thanks, where do u find these codes?
used both codes but not won nothing
keep getting server error
Worked, Thanks.
Did not work for me!!
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