8 IN 1 WOOD GAME SET, only £11.98@Ebay/Argos

8 IN 1 WOOD GAME SET, only £[email protected]/Argos

Found 12th Oct 2010Made hot 12th Oct 2010
I know, I know ps3,xbox or....are better, but these games will stay unforgettable for me. Real Brain Trainers and fun for whole family
8 games neatly contained in this well presented wooden games pack, includes:
Chinese Checkers,
Tic Tac Toe,
Pass Out,
Something for everyone in the family to enjoy.
Size (H)24, (W)24, (D)13.7cm.


Looking at the dimensions this is quite compact. 24cm is about nine and a half inches in real money. Great for travelling.

Is this mains or battery though? What cpu does it have and does it come with windows 7?

My mate reckons that you have to move the pieces yourself on a wooden thing called 'a board' Get outta here. No way!

(Voted hot btw. Good xmas stocking filler)

almost bought this last year at nearly £30.....absolute bargain at this price...thanks op just ordered one...have loads of heat on me

Ordered :-)

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Ordered for myself as well:), only 10 left:(

everything except ludo, still hot though

I was suspicious of this from the off as the description on the website wasnt exactly detailed- sure enough when it arrived today the pieces are very horrible cheap plastic (all rough edges etc) I wouldnt pay five quid for this let alone the £30 some were almost prepared to spenin an earlier post. One to be returned ASAP.
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