8 Litre Pasta Pot - ALDI - £19.99 - available from 4th September

8 Litre Pasta Pot - ALDI - £19.99 - available from 4th September

Found 2nd Sep 2008
If you eat pasta regularly (if not, why not) then these are pretty much essential. Much easier to use and no more steering a saucepan of boiling water over a collander,

They usually cost far more. John Lewis' own brand one, which is not as big, retails at £62 online for instance. Some specialist cookshops, such as Divertimenti, charge nearer £100.

Item description as follows...

A large capacity cooking pot, deep (and wide) enough to take big bundles of spaghetti and tagliatelle or handfuls of penne and ravioli. Also useful for family stews.

Stainless steel with attractive satin finish
Capacity: 8 litres
Body thickness: 0.6mm
Base thickness: 3mm aluminium
Pot size: 24 (H) ?18cm (W)
Steamer insert size: 24 (H) ?17cm (W)
Glass lid with steam vent
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic or induction hobs


umm, essential huh? amazingly, i've been cooking pasta without one for years. guess i must be special somehow.

but what exactly makes this better than a 99p colander from wilkinsons, or whatever your nearest cheapo shop is? ok, so you get a decent size pan with it - but that alone isn't worth £20.

Original Poster

How can you compare it to a collander? The title says pasta pot, an 8-litre one at that.

For family meals, this is a great buy and much, much safer than hauling litres of boiling water off the hob and tipping it down the sink.

Find a better-priced one or at least a better comparison then.

I think it's a good buy! Voted hot.

Very nice, useful item if like me you cook pasta in various forms several times a week - I bought some large stockpots and casseroles from Oneida a while back from a spectacular offer on here, but was originally looking for this type! As Sulphur Man says, safer too.

Only drawback, it is a bit small for larger scale cooking, (24H x 18 diam is not nearly as big as the 8L capacity sounds!) so I will need to stick with my stockpot, but the benefit of this type is you can cook two or more batches using the same water, quick to get back to temperature, and saves on power too!
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