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8 Month Supply Cetirizine Dihydrochloride 240 x 10mg One a Day Hayfever Tablets - £4.22 - Sold and Despatched by 121Pharmacy @ Amazon

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Price Drop £4.18 - 28/08
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Edit: Please add the £4.62 from 121Pharmacy as the £4.61 one is minimum order of 3


-Cetirizine dihydrochloride One-a-day 10mg tablets help prevent the symptoms associated with hayfever and high pollen counts as well as other allergic reactions caused by pets and dust mites
-Cetirizine dihydrochloride can also be taken for allergic skin reactions such as rash, itching and urticaria (more commonly known as Hives or Nettle Rash)
-Suitable for adults and children aged 6 years and over

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Loratadine (Clarityn) vs Cetirizene (Piriteze, Zirtek) tablets What is the difference? Loratadine and Cetirizene are the two most common over-the counter treatments for allergies producing very similar results. They are both known as anti-histamines. They work by calming the body’s immune system to allergens. Some people react better to one type of medicine than the other (we sell them both) so we cannot suggest which is better so would simply state that you try them both and see what works best for you.






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Price drop it's now £4.48
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  1. fr3dy77_sp33d's avatar
    I notice this is dihydrochloride, but the usual hydrochloride. Is this better?
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    We a quick search gives me 3 answers.
    1. There is no difference.
    2. Di-hydrochloride is the OG and hydrochloride was to get round patent laws.
    3. Di-hydrochloride is less likely to make you drowsy.
  2. Hatchorder's avatar
    Now, this may sound daft but have any of you tried the light therapy for Hay Fever?

    About 15 years ago I suffered from Hayfever at the start of the season and was taking one a day tablets and then someone recommended one of these:
    I have a feeling it was a post on here that led me to them because they were on special offer on Lloyds Pharmacy website!

    Back at the time the probes were on a cable and the box of tricks took a PP3 battery from memory. My son and I had one each and used them 3 times a day for weeks. At first every time we put them in and turned them on they made us sneeze like mad, but over time that stopped, but so did our sneezing from hay fever. The second year we used it once a day when we started reacting and then it took me about 3 years to realise I had stopped sneezing completely. My son does still suffer, but still uses the light.

    There is a huge proviso here - it seems that it is not effective at all for some people - in my head I have the figure of 40% but I cannot tell you where I read that - but I know it worked for us with varying degrees of success.

    For the sake of £14 it might be worth a try for some of you......

    There are plenty of sellers of these in different forms, so go with whatever you like, some are a lot cheaper. But I know the Lloyds Pharmacy ones worked for me.

    coopertron's avatar
    I’ve used these (Lloyds ones) for a number of years now. I initially dismissed them and thought it was nonsense, but it really does seem to help.

    Loratadine never did anything for me, ceterizine seems most effective, tried some fexo tabs the missus was prescribed and they didn’t seem to do anything either.

    So different for everyone!
  3. hotuk161's avatar
    Don't bother. Order Allevia. Life changing experience
    tjc2005's avatar
    I have fexofenadine on prescription and I had terrible hayfever a few days ago. Never had it so bad.

    Studies actually show certrizine is more effective, I popped one tablet and the next day symptoms were greatly reduced. Not the same for everyone of course. Having said that my eyes haven't been quite as bad on fexo. Says not to take both but tbh stuff that if it helps I will take both.

    About time we were given proper treatment on the NHS for this, e.g. The injection. We're so behind France on this. (edited)
  4. gravy_davey's avatar
    Please make sure you add the 121Pharmacy £4.62 and not £4.61
  5. RustySpoons's avatar
    I wish some of these would make me drowsy, I end up climbing the walls with hyperactivity. I don't normally get hay fever but this year my eyes have been red and itchy and could do with a antihistamine. But I'm yet to find one that doesn't make me feel like I've taken speed.
    fishmaster's avatar
    United Pharmacies sell 1st generation anti histamines such as Promethazine, Hydroxyzine and Dimenhydrinate
  6. Guess_What's avatar
    I’ve tried this, Benadryl, & Loratadine, and neither have worked successfully for me. Benadryl stopped working after about 4 days (1 a day), Loratadine just does nothing for me, and this one reduces the symptoms by about 30%. It also blocks my nose, sometimes both which can be a pain.

    Are there any stronger tablets?
    shtivshtiv's avatar
    This is the worst hayfever I've experienced in my life. I was practically blind through the itching in my eyes. A combination of beconase and standard anti histamines did little for me.

    A friend of mine suggested fexofenadine from the doctor, this being a prescription you can get. Fortunately since his prescription this has been made available over the counter and can be found in the form of Allevia tablets.

    I strongly recommend them. There's every chance we just got through the worst of the pollen and I just happen to be fine but since taking them daily I have gradually become hayfever free with no apparent side effects. Give them a go. (edited)
  7. JellyBaby88's avatar
    Got a packet of these yesterday in savers, 69p a box.
    razo's avatar
    Right? But this is 8 boxes for £4.62 - so by buying this you're saving 90p and this is HUKD so that's one two hundreth of a Poco F4 saved up... :D 
  8. Andy_Reinlo's avatar
    just a tip that might help some people out, room air purifyers really help. Ive been quite bad this year (for me, dont normally suffer much) but sitting in the office all day I was fine. Went outside after work and within half hour my eyes were itchy and sore and nose went stuffy. Its only a basic levoit unit but just leave it running and does wonders.
    Xanderdale's avatar
    Life changing, I have mine on now
  9. Myusernamehasgone234's avatar
    did you manage to order says minimum order 3 but seller restricted to 1 order so it doesn't let you check out
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  10. Rajk76's avatar
    Did anyone else misread that 8 months of worth of dihydrocodeine?
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    alltime hottest deal
  11. JRiva's avatar
    Anyone tried Nasal Strips for congestion ? I find no antihistamine works for me.
    gravy_davey's avatar
    I’ve tried Beconase which work fairly well for me.
    One game changer I discovered this year was Vaseline. But not to put it on the outside/ ends of your nostrils which I found irritating and not very effective. But coat the inside of each nostril. On bad day I really noticed a difference.

    You can get something like Happinose which has essential oil’s to help decongestion but Vaseline is the cheaper option.
  12. rsandha's avatar
    The Tesco own brand seem to work for me.
    joostme's avatar
    and me, the yellow box one not the blue. take 2 a day though and had no issues at all this year - fingers crossed
  13. Toffeemen's avatar
    I was very sceptical but my son (16 year old) says this really helps him. On top of a one a day tablet, he uses a whole apple, 3cm of Ginger and a splash of orange juice , a quick blitz in the blender then pours it into an ice cube tray for freezing. Have two ice cubes worth in a shot glass. Take them out in the morning and let it thaw or 15sec in the microwave if you're running late !
    All the best to everyone of you suffering.
  14. eddie.shaman's avatar
    Good deal, not to be sneeze at.
  15. Myusernamehasgone234's avatar
    Mine arrived today thank you
  16. u664541's avatar
    Isn’t locally sourced honey meant to work?
    I got some from Tesco up the road but did nothing for me.
  17. hecatae's avatar
    Ordered as Allevia worked for me last year but has done nothing this year.
  18. damob's avatar
    Just trying Allevia for the first time and finding a little better than the Loratadine but still doesn’t have the longevity over a bad day. Maybe I need to try the extra half a tablet trick?

    Totally by fluke I was using Optrex Actimist double action as I had tired eyes but I recently noticed it really helps if I get itchy eyes. It certainly doesn’t stop the onset but by using it when the itch starts it’s cools down the eyes and takes away a the itching.

    Had a full blown reaction in one eye last night which would normally need medication but 15mins after using the spray it was going back to normal nicely.
  19. echo06's avatar
    Can only take loratadine. All the others send me into a comotosed state
  20. Djgeeks's avatar
    looks like a good deal, i get these free from my doctors anyway otherwise i would get this deal.
  21. DigitalMooney123's avatar
    To clarify, they will send 8 packets and each packet contains 30 tablets? Is that right?
    The price currently says £4.95 ? Has this gone up or is there a code that I don't know about?
    Myusernamehasgone234's avatar
    Yes that is correct. I've just received my order. 8 packet each containing 30 tablets and expires 10/2024
  22. garzzer's avatar
    First time buying medicine over Amazon - how do we know these tablets are legit?
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    You can lookup the seller info, in this case YN Healthcare Ltd trading as 121 Pharmacy.

    Search this info on the General Pharmaceutical Council website - pharmacyregulation.org/reg…acy
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