8 Nom Yoghurt twin pots for £2 @ Morrisons

8 Nom Yoghurt twin pots for £2 @ Morrisons

Found 7th Jun 2011Made hot 8th Jun 2011
Rather decent deal on these yoghurts, they're very similar to Muller & only 25p a pot with this deal! They rrp at 54p!

Comes in the following varieties:-

Senga Strawberry
Morello Cherry
Alphonso Mango
Granola Choc chip
Belgian milk chocolate coated raisins


Thanks. These are yummy.

Look lovely but are full of sugar. Hot for the price though.

Nom nom nom nom nom

These are much better than muller corners imo, much more inventive flavours (gooseberry, passion-fruit etc.) and the yoghurt is creamy and think unlike muller corners which are runny like water, even if you do keep em at 2C! Heat

The granola ones of these are so good! Going to stock up tomorrow I think

Ok deal, but Muller are better imo.These are too sweet imo, and didn't like the quality.
Disagree with the comment that Muller are runny like water.Never had that problem.

I prefer these over Muller, but Muller has suger and sweetner, this just has suger..

Why do they need sugar?

Hot.They are very nice.


Why do they need sugar?

They don't, but the public gets what the public wants, or at least what the manufacturer thinks it wants. Lets face it, some people put sugar on Sugar Puffs.

By comparison, Muller are runny because noms are thick and creamy mmmmm noms are my favourite yoghurt by a mile! Have some heat!

Naaaa. Longley Farm original yoggie's the daddy. None of your twin pot nonsense. To my jaded tastebuds, the blackcurrent variety is brilliant.

Watch out for short 'sell by' dates on these. Been caught out before when Morrisons have made me buy 8 of them.


Tesco have the exact same deal, but on Muller Corner yoghurts, so pick your store to pick your yoghurt!

love these, so much nicer than muller
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