8 Pack Doritos Assorted Flavours £1 @ Poundland

8 Pack Doritos Assorted Flavours £1 @ Poundland

Found 12th Feb 2010Made hot 13th Feb 2010
6 packs plus 2 free of Walkers Doritos. Includes chilli heatwave, cool original and tangy cheese favours. Doritos are deliciously crunchy with intense flavour, and because they are cooked in sunseed oil, which is naturally lower in saturates, they have 75% less saturated fat.

2 x Chilli Heatwave
3 x Cool Original
3 x Tangy cheese


This might seem a silly thing to say, but did you check the sell-by date? I've given up buying food items from Poundland, they either have a short or non-existent lifetime...

Decent deal though, I think Sainsbury's used to do two of the six packs for £2.50 for their 'offer'...

I checked the sell-by date on my local Poundlands Doritos and they still had a few months left.

Great deal to feed my overly sized belly. :-D Heat added!

These have been available in my local Poundland for at least 6 months.... Still hot though, all nice flavours!

They're 99p for an 8 pack in Pound Stretcher too. Great price!

if you don't have a poundland locally they are 99 pence in B&M if you have a store near to you.

Sell by never a problem, but often find 9 pack or larger are cheaper in main supermarkets on occasion. Good as back up however...
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