8 Pc Games HALF PRICE £4.99

8 Pc Games HALF PRICE £4.99

Found 14th Jun 2007
1st Post so go easy!!

Just been to the works bookshop and saw this pc game set for £4.99.
The games are:
Big Mother Trucker
House Of The Dead
7 Kingdoms
Commanche Vs Hokum
Apache Havoc
Virtua Fighter

Pretty old games now but ok for kids..they had other sets including a driving compilation.
Couldnt find on website..instore only.
Found in Hanley store Stoke On Trent..


I work at the works (as I always say) their deals atm are AMAZING. A couple of books reduced from £60 to £10!! I got 10 animated stories for 99p today, bargain. etc etc. Go there! (especially Cambridge!)

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which books are they?

I had the House of the Dead game, but can't find it any more. I don't know about the otehrs, but that one's good for an afternoon's fun. voted hot
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