8 plastic plant pots (30cm deep & 20cm diameter)   for 99p @ Morrisons

8 plastic plant pots (30cm deep & 20cm diameter) for 99p @ Morrisons

Found 18th Jun 2014
MORRISONS, 8 black plastic plant pots for 99p. Fairly large (30cm deep & 20cm diameter) aprox.
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A bit flimsy but good for tomatoes. Have been this price for years though.
been out for ages I use them for cleaning stuff from my aquarium, still a good deal and same as above they are a bit flimsey
I bought these last year and they are great. There was a stack of 27 with the 8 for 99p covering them all and one of the staff saw me looking at them and said just take the lot for 99p
I've got potatoes, cucamelon, pod radishes, normal radishes, chard, chilis and oriental veg all growing in them at the moment. Last year I did garlic, spring onions, carrots, broadbeans as well which all grew well.
I got 8 for free and local coop!
I've had them at this price before. They are like the plastic pots in which the store stands bouquets of cut flowers in the supermarkets. There are no holes in the bottom for drainage so you need to punch some in before planting. Can't beat this price for some cheap plant pots though!
Gwyneth u are bang on! they are exactly the pots their cut flowers are delivered in... I know as I worked there! Morrison's are quick to make money while they can
Best to drill holes in these rather than use a screwdriver, knife etc.

A lot quicker and the bucket doesn't split if you use a drill.

I bought a cheap cordless drill from Argos for the sole purpose of making holes in 24 buckets!


Not the best drill in the world but after using a screwdriver on a load of buckets, then a knife (which split them), I gave up and bought the drill. Done in a flash.

These are just surplus flower buckets. Been around this price for over a decade around me... 10 for a quid. cold
Asda and tesco give them away..
Our Morrisons give these away for free. You can take as many as you like.
Got mine 2 years back - Still going strong !
I get these from the florests in the market by me for free
filmy, break with any force except standing alone
Exellent pots.l brought 2 sets this year.people are not interested in gardening because it's expensive . But I felt these pots very cheap and the plants are growing very healthy.I brought these pots from Portsmouth morrison. I am waiting to buy these pots next year.

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