#8: "Verballs Baby" Skype Creature - £21.90 or less delivered.
#8: "Verballs Baby" Skype Creature - £21.90 or less delivered.

#8: "Verballs Baby" Skype Creature - £21.90 or less delivered.

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Ducky's Christmas Gift idea #8.

I was going to post these at £30 the other day because of their cuteness alone, but seeing the price drop I just had to post it!!

Product: Verballs Baby (Skype Calling Creature)
Available at: The Gadget Shop
Price: £19.95 (was £29.95!!)
Delivery: As little as £3.95 for standard delivery.
Discounts applicable: 10% off using the code FIRST10.
Discounted Price: £17.95 + £3.95 P&P = £21.90
QuidCo: 10%

Why use a phone when you can use a Verballs? Simply plug one of these little critters into your PC, log on to skype.com and with the use of Verballs' built in speaker and built-in microphone you can talk away for free to any other Skype user in the world!

But it doesn't stop there; for as little as 1.4p per minute you can call any landline or mobile around the world! Verballs can also be used as a PC speaker to play your MP3s and if that wasn't enough he will move his mouth in-sync with the speech as if he/she is singing!

Verballs are incredibly simple to use and don't require batteries - they'll get their power directly from the USB connection. They'll work with most messaging programs but it's reccomended that users operate Verballs with Skype.

There are 5 Verballs characters to collect in total; this is Baby, here's a little background on his character:
Despite some lucrative modelling contracts with Revlong, Baby can usually be found hanging out downtown with the other Verballs. With fur that seems so right for every occasion, this Verball is a fox that will never feel the chill. Baby is the cutest and most adorable verball around and boy does he know it!


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If you find this, or any of the other items in the Ducky Gift ideas cheaper, then post them in this tread and then we can decide whether you should re-post the new deal or not.

If you have any ideas, then send me a >>private message.


Love it! Ugly and cute at the same time! :giggle:

Ah... cute! Thanks Ducky, apparently I can't give you any more rep as I need to "spread it about a bit" :giggle:


How did this thread come to life again. O_o


How did this thread come to life again. O_o

Check out the 3 posts around this thread on the hot deals page. Looks like someone has been on a 'get the temp up to hot of deals posted around 2 years ago' mission - quite easy to do. Time to expire...again....! :whistling:
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